Thursday, June 13, 2024

Tag: Lithium

According to two people aware of the development, the Indian government is selling its newly discovered lithium and other rare earth minerals. The government has initiated a plan to auction newly discovered lithium and...
Abhishek Darbey, a research associate with the Chinese Research Program at the New Delhi-based Center for China Analysis and Strategy (CCAS), believes that the real reason behind China's $10 billion offer to the Taliban for lithium is that the Chinese regime wants to control the region.
Chile's President Gabriel Boric has stunned markets and EV makers by nationalizing the lithium industry overnight.
The statistics show that the majority of automakers have moved their attention to BEVs. This shift happened after they considered the lithium ion battery vs the hydrogen fuel cell debate.
Despite the fact that battery costs have been dropping since 2010, a recent spike in the price of key battery metals like lithium has cast doubt on their future. So, here we break down the cost of an EV battery cell.