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We all know by now that Line B of NS2 has not been bombed, or even punctured, and it’s ready to go. Repairing the other three – punctured – lines would not be a problem: a matter of two months, according to naval engineers. Steel on the Nord Streams is thicker than on modern ships. Gazprom has offered to repair them – as long as Europeans behave like grown-ups and accept strict security conditions.
Although suicide bombings against foreign embassies and other international institutions have decreased since the Taliban took control, the anti-Taliban ISIS-K group has continued to carry them out. Now, a suicide blast at the Russian embassy in Kabul has killed two diplomats.
All of us who spent years of our lives, especially throughout the 2000s, writing about and tracking Al-Zawahiri know how US ‘intel’ played every trick in the book – and outside the book – to find him. Well, he never exposed himself on the balcony of a house, much less in Kabul.
According to reports and the testimony of their families, the US drone strike in Kabul killed 10 civilians including 7 children instead of ISIS-K terrorists. The youngest of the victims were two girls, Malika and Sumaya, who were both only two years old.
With the release of the film Panipat a controversy has erupted, the central question being the role of Maharaja Surajmal and why he did not fight the third Battle of Panipat resulting in a humiliating defeat for the Marathas. Ahmed...