Thursday, June 13, 2024

Tag: Jupiter

According to a news release by NASA, citizen scientist Kevin M. Gill processed an image captured by a NASA spacecraft showing lightning on Jupiter. The picture has gone viral. Citizen scientist Kevin M...
Exploring the ice moons of Jupiter will be one of Europe's most ambitious space missions ever. Europe's mission to Jupiter's icy moons is now ready for launch.
Jupiter, the second-largest object in the solar system after the Sun, has drawn at least 80 moons and may be liable for destabilizing the orbits of several other solar system. According to astronomers, Jupiter got so big by gobbling up baby planets.
As experts were developing a study that would provide a comprehensive and worldwide grasp of exoplanet atmospheres, they stumbled upon the planet WASP-121b. This planet aptly nicknamed as Hot Jupiter, has metal clouds and rain made of liquid gems at night.