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Several reporters caught a brief conversation between Biden and Macron on camera at the G7 summit, where Macron told Biden about Saudi Arabia's oil capacity and how it will not increase production anytime soon.
The Biden administration is being sued over records on withholding COVID-19 treatment from Florida.
A shamelessly intoxicated and drugged-out Hunter Biden was captured on tape carelessly fooling around waving an illegally obtained gun at a hooker.
Joe Biden has created a DARPA for health, namely ARPA-H. When looking at the "Authorities needed by ARPA-H" as mentioned in the Fact Sheet, it is clear that the agency will have a lot of control over its initiatives.
Joe Biden was a reform-minded senator in the 1970s. However, Biden did a 180-degree turn and became a Marxist, mirroring the Democratic Party's and the White House's leftward shift.
Last week, President Biden signed a massive $40 billion military aid bill for Ukraine. Who cares that inflation is killing the American economy and mothers can't even get baby formula. For Washington, spending on war and empire always seems to trump America’s interests.
In a remote Zoom call, Biden’s new disinformation board director, Nina Jankowicz said she wants the power to edit your tweets in the same way as Wikipedia.
Student loan debt is a serious issue. Millions of young Americans have gone to college without realizing how much it will cost them, and millions more are still doing so. Here we take a look at how Biden's student loan fraud works.
Joe Biden admitted to removing COVID relief from the package, stating on Monday that he was told it would delay action on the urgently needed Ukrainian aid, confirming that now COVID funds are being diverted to rush the $40 billion towards the Ukraine war.
Musk has promised to reestablish free speech on Twitter, which has blacklisted prominent speakers. But the US government has other plans as Biden unveils disinformation governance board one day after Elon Musk buys Twitter.