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The study, which examines how Team Jorge, an Israeli firm involved in destabilizing democracies, is operating in India and the rest of the world, is part of a larger investigation into the fake news industry and has been organized by Forbidden Stories.
Two new operations have revved up Israel’s shadow war on Iran; striking at its nuclear/ballistic program as well as smashing its corridor through Iraq for arming proxy Shiite militias in Syria.
In a disturbing video outlining how Tehran would react to an Israeli attack on its nuclear facilities, Iran has vowed to raze Tel Aviv 'to the ground'.
Since the demonstrations in Iran started, more than 320 individuals have passed away. But it could get worse as Israeli intelligence warns Iran is mulling terror attack on world cup.
Israel and Lebanon announced earlier this month that they had come to an agreement over their maritime border, a historic step in diplomacy that should help boost the natural gas output of both countries. As the world battles gas shortages going into the winter months, this deal provides a ray of hope for global energy markets in the future.
Israel has frequently been the first nation to report on the efficacy and safety of vaccines. Its data has frequently been used by American organizations, such as the CDC. Now, a leaked video has exposed Israel's Covid vaccine side effects coverup.
Israel has been regarded as a COVID vaccine laboratory due to its aggressive vaccination campaigns, but it has also served as an early warning system for the vaccines' shortcomings. Leaked recording of private meeting have revealed that Israel actually withheld data on COVID vaccine injuries.
This is the most important article on my Substack (which has over 700 articles). This one article should bring down the house of cards if there is just one honest person in a position of authority in the world.
Twitter censored Prof. Shapira, a top Israeli physician who claimed that monkeypox is related to mRNA vaccine, hopes to draw more attention to the death and destruction that these vaccines are delivering to so many people throughout the world.
World’s first ever ‘synthetic embryos’ have been created. According to a study published in a journal, Israeli researchers developed a mouse embryo with a beating heart using just stem cells.