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"Moscow just wouldn't come running to India's defense if China decided to invade" was the ominous comment made towards India. In a bizarre series of events, the US has threatened India with consequences for propping up ruble trade and undermining the dollar based financial system.
London is 'very disappointed' by how unwilling India is in imposing sanctions on Russia and Biden has decided to send the sanctions czar to India.
Russia’s military operation in Ukraine and, more broadly, its conflict with the West may not change the fabric of India-Russia bilateral relations as dramatically as some observers may think.
New Delhi has refused to bend to the whims of Biden administration and it's allies to break trade links with Moscow thus far. If the same approach were to be continued, India could take advantage of Western Big Pharma cutting ties with Russia.
India is the world's third-largest consumer of energy, relying on imports for nearly 80% of its crude oil requirements. As Russia is being sanctioned from all sides owing to the situation in Ukraine, India has stepped up to buy Russian oil at a huge discount despite threats from the US.
Whatever else the Russian armed intervention in Ukraine has done, it has hammered home to the Union government the perils of over-dependence on imported armaments. There are two aspects that are of special concern. First, is the danger of a military spares cut-off in case the Russian engagement in Ukraine extends into the future, highly unlikely though that is, because then the Kremlin will prioritise re-supplying its own troops.
Despite Western efforts to alienate Moscow via sanctions, India might bail out Russia by accepting an offer to purchase crude oil as well as other goods at a bargain.
"The payment settlement method should not be confined to a small number of people and emerging economies should diversify their forex reserves out of US dollars," says an Indian economist who has been watching the developing situation around the globe with a keen eye.
The US invested upwards of $200 million on labs in Ukraine conducting dangerous biological activities. On Thursday, the Russian Defense Ministry claimed that these US-funded biological facilities in Ukraine were performing research with bat coronavirus samples.
The narrative that the Biden administration is pushing is that they have "launched a whole-of-government effort to protect reproductive rights." But what it potentially could be is a $2.6 billion "gender equality" request that might fund abortions in foreign countries including India.