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A Kerala Vaidyar created an Ayurvedic soap that costs $10,000 after shipping to Iran, plus all other costs where it is in high demand.
A total of 93 officers in all left India and relocated to Australia with sizable landholdings. Here is why some British Indian Army officers migrated to Australia to become farmers.
Here, concisely, is the open “secret” of our current geopolitical incandescence. Washington’s number one priority is the containment of China. That implies blocking the EU from getting closer to the key Eurasia drivers - China, Russia, and Iran – engaged in building the world’s largest free trade/connectivity environment.
A bench of Supreme Court Justices S Abdul Nazir, BR Gavai, AS Bopanna, V Ramasubramanian, and BV Nagarathna demanded that the government and Reserve Bank of India examine the validity of the 2016 note ban and how it was done.
The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has fined Oracle $23 million for bribing officials in India, Turkey, and the UAE.
According to results released by WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the deaths of children in Gambia have been linked to cough syrups made in India.
According to Maharashtra state immunisation officer Dr. Sachin Desai, 65 lakh people registered during the 75-day free special drive to take booster shots, but that's still just 1 in 5.
According to the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) of the US Department of Treasury, the Indian company Tibalji Petrochem Pvt Ltd has been sanctioned for an oil deal with Iran.
Russian President Vladimir Putin claimed on Friday that the West has "plundered" nations like India in violation of the values of "truth, freedom, and justice," accusing the West of inciting colour revolutions in any country for geopolitical gains.
The attempt to condemn a permanent member of the Security Council was unprecedented. However, India, China and Brazil abstained from UN vote condemning Russian annexation.