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Microsoft Says NY Times Hacked ChatGPT 1

Microsoft Says NY Times Hacked ChatGPT

According to a Monday filing by OpenAI in Manhattan federal court, Microsoft and OpenAI allege that the NY Times hacked ChatGPT to replicate its content. In an attempt to discredit the New York Times, OpenAI has requested a federal judge to throw out some of the newspaper’s copyright lawsuits against

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Kevin Mitnick

Kevin Mitnick – World’s Most Famous Hacker

Kevin Mitnick was not just an ordinary name in the world of hacking; he was a virtuoso, a master manipulator of computer systems, and the epitome of a cyberpunk legend. With a reputation that precedes him, Mitnick is widely regarded as the world’s most famous hacker, a title earned through

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French Election Hit By Information Warfare

The French Election now seems to look more like Marine Le Pen vs a collapsing French establishment. Already, four established candidates for the presidency — two former presidents and two former prime ministers — have after being hit by Hillary-like scandal backed out or been rejected by the voters. Former

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