Monday, June 24, 2024

Tag: Europe

Greece's railway safety remains precarious after the 2023 Tempe crash, with ongoing concerns over infrastructure and training deficiencies despite warnings from the Union of Train Drivers. Eighteen months after...
In a startling move, Russian President Vladimir Putin has been quietly steering Russia away from the global liberal order for years, foreseeing a looming catastrophe. Russian economist Sergei Glazyev revealed how Putin's strategy, starting with forming the...
Alarming pronouncements from prominent figures have sparked public concern about a potential bird flu pandemic. Media coverage intensifies the anxieties, while government actions like testing mandates and unclear responses from officials further fuel public suspicion.
Saudi Arabia's termination of its 80-year petrodollar deal on June 9, 2024, may reshape global oil markets, as it considers selling oil in currencies like the Chinese yuan, impacting US economic dominance.
Health officials warn of a potential H5N1 pandemic just as the WHO's pandemic treaty vote at the 77th World Health Assembly approaches, raising concerns about increased authority and measures during future health crises.
Josep Borrell, the head of EU foreign policy, said that EU members will have to arrest Netanyahu after the ICC warrant, as all countries in the EU, except Turkey and Ukraine, are bound by the Rome Statute.
A report indicates that the Netherlands, Germany, and Poland have signed a deal to create a military corridor. Dutch Defense Minister Kajsa Ollong confirmed this in a recent post.
The European Medicines Agency said that Pfizer kept the SV40 DNA sequence secretly in the COVID-19 vaccine. A European regulator has confirmed that Pfizer partner BioNTech did not emphasize...
According to a Rolling Stone magazine article, Trump is planning to withdraw the US from NATO once he wins the 2024 election, but he might not follow through on that desire.
Anna Brylka, a candidate for the Polish Sejm from the right-wing Confederation Coalition, said that Poland should send a war aid invoice to Ukraine: "Gratitude is no currency in international relations."