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Why has the euro fallen to $1 and what does it mean for the rupee? The euro's decline in value relative to the dollar indicates that investors are shifting funds away from the Eurozone and toward the US.
There are significant risks and problems associated with the Pfizer BioNTech vaccines. The latest questionable event surrounding the vaccine is that the Pfizer-EU COVID vaccine deal messages just mysteriously disappeared.
Europe would be on "red alert" for gas supply over the upcoming winter and it is the consequence of their actions. This comes amid reports of EU importing more U.S. LNG than Russian pipeline gas for the first time ever.
The leaders of France, Germany and Italy have jointly visited Ukraine in an attempt to present a unified European front regarding the Russia-Ukraine war. The one-day visit was long on rhetoric but short on substance: European unity remains elusive.
Many countries across Europe, like the UK and France, have reported a rise in mysterious needle attacks in nightclubs.