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Russian nationals have become the largest buying group of real estate in Dubai since the war in Ukraine, driving sales to a new record high according to Sputnik.
During a recent trip to Dubai, plainclothes police detained Sherif Osman. He is still in custody. The ex American air force captain was arrested in Dubai for posting a youtube video.
UAE has the capacity to become the actual incubator of the post-fiat world with the right diligence and enough capital. Dubai is now emerging as a new crypto power center and may anchor crypto bailout fund.
Najmus Chowdry and Nils Remess, the lead architects of ZNera Space, have come up with a new concept called The Downtown Circle, which involves building a massive space-age ring to encircle the world's tallest building in Dubai.
Dubai is set to construct a $5 billion moon resort. The moon resort will include a nightclub, event space, lounge, international meeting place, spa and wellness area, and an internal moon shuttle.
Dubai’s metaverse plan targets 40,000 virtual jobs in five years. The government wants to create infrastructure and rules to hasten the adoption of these technologies as well as establish international standards for creating safe and secure platforms for users.
Due to the sanctions that ban them from flying in any other airspace more than 100 Russian jets trying to escape those sanctions is stranded in Dubai.
Dubai has announced the creation of a Space Court in order to settle off planet commercial disputes.
Nigerian Instagram influencer Hushpuppi has been kidnapped by FBI for £350 million cyberscam. Ramon Olorunwa Abbas aka ‘Hushpuppi' was arrested by FBI from Dubai and taken to the US. Nigerian Instagram influencer Hushpuppi has been kidnapped by FBI for...
One of the leading puzzles related to cross border flow of investment is the phenomenon of ‘Round Tripping'. Here, money from a country (eg. India) flows to a foreign country (Mauritius) and comes back as foreign direct investment to...