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Chinese Money Laundering Druglord Arrested In Buford Georgia 1

Chinese Money Laundering Druglord Arrested In Buford Georgia

In Buford, Georgia, two alleged members of a transnational money laundering organization, Li Pei Tan and Chaojie Chen, were arrested for laundering millions in drug proceeds for Mexican cartels, including Sinaloa and CJNG. Due to their alleged involvement in a scheme to launder millions of dollars in illicit drug proceeds

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Drug Lords Of Dubai

Dubai has long been a haven for some of the most notorious drug lords in Europe and has a history of protecting European criminals, particularly those involved in the cocaine trade. Submitted By Georgia Gee of Whale Hunting, a weekly newsletter delving into the hidden worlds of wealth and power “Dubai

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Pathankot Attack: Oil, Globalization & Terror

Punjab, for many years, has been a transit point for drugs from Afghanistan. The drug money has become a major source of funding of elections in Punjab and over the time a well-organized drug cartel has come into existence with active connivance of politicians, police officers and drug lords. This

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Pathankot Attack & The International Drug Trade

UPDATE: After we reported on how the ‪#‎PathankotAttack‬ was not just another usual terror incident but related to the International ‪#‎DrugMafia‬ stretching from Afghanistan via Pakistan to India from where it is shipped off to Dubai and Europe, today almost every mainstream media has picked up on it. Not only the

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