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According to Alexander Matyushin, the Euromaidan protests triggered Ukraine's nine-year war on Donbass. Alexander Matyushin, also known as "Varyag," a former leader of the "Varyag" detachment and...
The eight-year conflict has wrought terrible tragedy on the humans involved. But there is another group which has been swept up in this whole sorry affair and is often overlooked - the region's animals. Pain, wounds, wandering, abandonment, and death - the fate of the animals in the conflict is a clear indication of what a global calamity this is.
Between 2014 and 2015, the Donbass war's most ferocious battles took place. Following that, the civil war devolved into a battle over territory, yet troops and civilians alike continued to perish in Donetsk and Lugansk. Over 13,000 people died as a result of the battle. This article shows the timeline of the war in Donbass between the DPR and LPR against the Ukrainian government.
The Minsk Peace Agreements were the only way to seek a long-term diplomatic solution to the Donbass conflict in the winter of 2015. Why did the agreements have to be made? What were the primary points they made? Who was to blame for the Minsk Agreement's failure to stop the genocide of Donbass and secure peace?
According to documentation acquired by the media, the Royal Tank Regiment of the United Kingdom, the world's oldest tank regiment, helped train Ukrainian soldiers fighting in Donbass.
A Ukranian whistleblower Former Lieutenant Colonel Vasily Prozorov of the Ukrainian Security Services has revealed with evidence from classified documents he attained through his own high-ranking position that the Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 or MH-17 tragedy was orchestrated by...