US scientists have found a way to control flies remotely by rewiring their brains. The long-term goal of this research is to create methods for non-invasively activating particular human brain regions for medical purposes.
Joe Biden has created a DARPA for health, namely ARPA-H. When looking at the "Authorities needed by ARPA-H" as mentioned in the Fact Sheet, it is clear that the agency will have a lot of control over its initiatives.
DARPA has managed to fly 'smart' black hawk helicopter with no pilot on board. The ALIAS technology has thus far cost $160 million.
Project Veritas has uncovered shocking secret documents about COVID-19's origin, gain of function studies, vaccinations, repressed prospective therapies, and the administration's attempt to bury all of this. The secret military documents from DARPA regarding Project Defuse expose Dr Fauci’s proposal to engineer coronavirus through gain-of-function which was rejected for being dangerous and violating the code of research.
Pentagon scientists have created a microchip which they want to inject in your body to detect coronavirus in your body even before you show any symptoms. They have also created a filter to extract the virus from your blood.