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According to a report by Nikkei, Hong Kong is set to become a crypto trading hub with the commencement of applications for licenses to operate trading platforms and exchanges. After years of brutal crackdowns,...
In a blog post, Coinbase announced the rollout of the 'Moving America Forward' national campaign for crypto, which will kick off with a series of four different advertisements featuring Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong. United...
Deputy Finance Minister Aleksey Moiseev said that he and the Bank of Russia see crypto as a ‘necessary evil’. Russia’s Finance Ministry has warned about the dangers of investing in cryptocurrencies, although it acknowledged...
A crypto analyst warns that the stock market may trigger a crypto market crash. The present macro factors indicate that a huge correction is on the way, which might bring digital assets down with it.
After Pussy Riot raised $6.6 million by selling a pic of the Ukrainian flag as a NFT Ukraine has decided to issue a NFT collection to secure the funds needed by the armed forces.
NFTs are gaining a lot of traction these days since they're a great method to show off and market your digital artwork which has led to everyday technology questions like what is an NFT and how is it different from cryptocurrency?
The Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) deputy governor has compared cryptocurrency to Ponzi schemes. T Rabi Shankar, the Deputy Governor, even suggested that ‘banning’ cryptocurrency was the best option for India in a speech.
Intel will show off advancements in its bitcoin mining solid-state circuit designs since the patent was submitted and outline how exactly they will change the bitcoin mining landscape forever. Hardware may commoditize should such new firms enter the market.
The US Department of Justice stated on Tuesday that a New York couple was arrested and booked for a $4.5 billion cryptocurrency laundering scheme and attempting to deceive the US government.
Self proclaimed Bitcoin inventor Craig Wright has wins a major lawsuit which saves him from paying $10 billion in cryptocurrency to his former business partner.