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Ex-CNN producer John Griffin pleads guilty to child sex crime. Griffin, 45, is subject to a minimum 10-year sentence and a maximum $250k fine. He will be sentenced in March 2023.
I started out 2022 by predicting that the mainstream media was in the midst of losing the fight of its life at the hands of popular podcaster and comedian Joe Rogan. I then discussed the topic and my reasoning for an hour on a podcast with independent journalist Ivory Hecker.
CNN+'s demise is hardly a one-off occurrence: It is almost as if this is a turning point for corporate media. CNN+ is set to shut down just one month after its launch, and this ought to be a wake up call for all streaming platforms.
Joe Rogan confronted CNN's chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta over his network's claims that the podcast host took "horse dewormer" as a COVID treatment.