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The 14th BRICS Summit, a virtual gathering hosted by China that finished on Saturday, focused on measures to increase the group's influence on the world arena while also fostering sustainable infrastructure development in the area. One takeaway from this is that BRICS might defuse the frozen border issues between India and China.
It is the Military World Games held in Wuhan, China, 2019, drawing athletes from all over the world. In this high profile event, 9,308 athletes from 109 countries competed in 329 events in 27 sports. It is highly likely that COVID was already known to be there, a fact which destroys the timelines of many people on all sides of the issue.
Around six Chinese enterprises involved in manufacturing, fintech, and telecommunications have been seized by the Income Tax authorities. As this scandal unveils, a total of 400 chartered accountants are now under the scanner for flouting norms to incorporate Chinese shell companies.
A new report from Reuters has stated that Russia has overtaken Saudi Arabia as China’s top oil supplier by supplying 1.98 million bpd of Russian crude oil in May.
Tesla automobiles have numerous cameras that capture and send information back to Tesla to enhance its Autopilot. But this is becoming an issue for the manufacturers as all Tesla cars have been banned from a Chinese town for two months over spying fears.
According to an open letter signed by parents, children in China are being diagnosed with diabetes after getting Chinese COVID-19 vaccines. The majority of them are tied to Sinopharm and Sinovac, two of China's top COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers.
A protest which was planned by several citizens against the freezing of funds by banks was thwarted by China by changing people’s electronic health codes from green to red, which made it illegal for them to travel.
An NBC Meet the Press special on May 14 presented a war game conducted by the Center for a New American Security (CNAS), a Washington-based think tank. On the surface, the game appeared to “educate” its audience. However, looking deeper into the messages delivered, “education” was not its purpose.
Giving China a place on the WHO Executive Board is akin to putting North Korea in control of the UN Conference on Disarmament. Nevertheless, China has been elected to World Health Organization's executive board with no objections whatsoever.
AnyPlace MD has filed a lawsuit that seeks damages for over 100,000 COVID-19 tests that were imported from China by Anhui DeepBlue Medical Technology.