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The collapse of FTX has put Grayscale, the world’s largest Bitcoin trust, in meltdown, with it refusing to disclose its proof of reserves to clients.
IRS Criminal Investigations has seized $3.4 billion in bitcoin stolen from the Silk Road by a man named Zhong, who appears to have discovered a weakness in that dark-web market that in 2012 allowed him to somehow pull more coins out of accounts he made there than he had placed.
Many people believe that the government will shut down Bitcoin, but the chances of the government being able to ban it are low.
The military, today, is not considered an important element of society by the public. Why should it? It represents bloodshed and fights that seem pointless and have caused society a lot of pain. Similarly, studying Bitcoin as a property defense system is a misunderstood part of this asset and one that is biased by our own beliefs. How are they connected? Because both use brute force and physical power to defend property.
Russia is now one step closer to using Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency, in international trade as Central Bank and the Finance Ministry agree on the draft bill. The two regulators have reached an agreement on a draft law declaring that, given the current economic climate, adopting bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is essential for international trade.
According to a report by Axios Denver, Gov. Jared Polis announced that Colorado will become the first US state to accept Bitcoin as a method for paying taxes.
After the Ethereum merge happens, Bitcoin will be the first target for regulations, as the perception of Bitcoin as a power hog is one of its major flaws.
Greenpeace has intensified the campaign against Bitcoin following Ethereum's merge. The movement features a petition asking Fidelity, BlackRock, and other companies to convert Bitcoin away from PoW.
A Bitcoin Revolution took place in El Salvador. Almost nobody showed up. Has the Bitcoin revolution really failed in El Salvador?
No one anticipates a swift market movement that would fundamentally alter the market's current structure, as seen by trading volume and midterm investors' actions. However, is it a coincidence that Mt.Gox Bitcoins will be released on Ethereum merge date?