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One of the unsettling things that came out of the "Facebook Files" is the revelation of an unusual official policy that controlled the platform during the COVID-19 years. “For...
Trump announces plan to investigate Big Pharma and autism to find what's causing chronic illness in the United States. Former President Donald Trump has announced his plan to “address the sharp rise in chronic illnesses and...
United States medical history bears out Ayres’s paradox. The biggest increases in US life expectancy occurred early in the Twentieth Century, when people had increasing access to calories and protein, better water and sanitation. Lives lengthened sharply decades before vaccines, antibiotics or nearly any drugs were available, and a century before hospitals merged into corporate Systems.
After graduating from Columbia University with a chemical engineering degree, my grandfather went on to work for Pfizer for almost two decades, culminating his career as the company’s Global Director of New Products. I was rather proud of this fact growing up — it felt as if this father figure, who raised me for several years during my childhood, had somehow played a role in saving lives.
New Delhi has refused to bend to the whims of Biden administration and it's allies to break trade links with Moscow thus far. If the same approach were to be continued, India could take advantage of Western Big Pharma cutting ties with Russia.
How much impact do pharmaceutical corporations' marketing operations have on doctors' prescription practice? A vast bulk of doctors accepted that three main exercises impacted their prescription decisions. One among them is certainly big pharma marketing as it influences prescriptions of 98% of the doctors in the country.