Bashar al-Assad

Syrian Oil Mogul Assassinated In Israeli Drone Strike 1

Syrian Oil Mogul Assassinated In Israeli Drone Strike

A prominent Syrian businessman close to President Bashar al-Assad, Baraa Katerji, was killed by an Israeli drone strike near the Syrian-Lebanese border. Katerji, who managed a vast empire dealing in oil and logistics, was targeted likely due to his role in facilitating Iranian oil shipments into Syria, which are under

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Putin And Erdogan Plot Syria's Political Shift 1

Putin And Erdogan Plot Syria’s Political Shift

At the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit in Kazakhstan, Presidents Putin of Russia and Erdogan of Turkey hinted at a potential reconciliation with Syria’s Bashar al-Assad, after years of conflict. Once allies turned adversaries since Syria’s civil war began in 2011, Erdogan’s shift in stance aims to stabilize Turkey’s northern Syrian

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