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Obama Produces Film On Globalist Plot To Extinguish Humanity

Former President Barack Obama and his wife, Michele Obama, have produced a new film on the globalist plot to extinguish humanity called Leave the World Behind, which is releasing on Netflix. “Leave the World Behind,” the first fiction film produced by Barack and Michelle Obama on Netflix, is about a

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Donald Trump Could Be Assassinated, Warns Tucker Carlson

Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson, while on the Adam Carolla show warned that Donald Trump could be assassinated. According to Tucker Carlson, assassination and a heated conflict with Russia could be the following measures to keep power and bring the populace together if legal efforts to stop Donald Trump

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Obama's Personal Chef Found Dead

Obama’s Personal Chef Found Dead

The personal chef of former president Barack Obama was tragically found dead in a “paddleboarding incident” near the family’s $12 million mansion on Martha’s Vineyard. This location, being at sea level, is an interesting point for those who strongly believe in the melting iceberg theory. The Massachusetts State Police have

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