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Currently, the world's attention is focused on the European theater of war, but some very interesting events are also unfolding in Asia.
Although multiple factors (e.g., strategic, political and ethnic) contribute to the escalation of border tensions among the Central Asian neighbors, the management of water resources has been a perennial issue, frequently sparking conflict.
Due to the toll long working hours are taking on workers and their productivity, the idea of a four day work week is spreading throughout Asia.
Foreign Minister S Jaishankar chastised Europe on Tuesday for questioning India's Russia-Ukraine policy, reminding the Europeans that they were not trying to bend over backwards to resolve India's issues when the rules-based order was under risk in Asia or when, as he put it, Afghanistan's civilized society was shoved aside. He put it bluntly, where was Europe when order in Asia was threatened.
Even though developing military manpower is a goal for many countries, some nations have no militaries at all. In contrast, here we visualize countries who have the largest military in the world.
Israeli police have arrested 20 Israelis for secretly developing Suicide Drones for an unnamed country in Asia.
We asked former CIA officer Sam Faddis on what the Joe Biden administration would mean for South Asia, and for India in particular.
A global contest with atleast 9 geoeconomic projects for Asia is underway to shape Asia’s future. Regional powers are putting forward ambitious plans for building roads, railways, pipelines, and other hard infrastructure across the region. Drawing on official sources,...