Suicidal Thoughts Almost Doubled During Canada’s COVID Lockdowns

Despite evidence from places such as Sweden that have never had harsh restrictions, Canadian regions have chosen to persist in repressive and hazardous lockdowns. As a result, suicidal thoughts have almost doubled during Canada’s COVID lockdowns.

Suicidal Thoughts Almost Doubled During Canada’s COVID Lockdowns

Suicidal thoughts increased dramatically during the two-year period in which Canadian governments imposed severe lockdowns on inhabitants, according to researchers from the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC).

The study was released in May and was predicated on a poll that took place between February 1 and May 7, 2021. When comparing pre-lockdown statistics to 2021 findings, the PHAC researchers discovered a nearly doubling of suicidal tendencies.

Suicidal ideation, or the desire or feeling to harm oneself, increased from 2.7 percent of adults in 2019 to 4.2 percent in 2021.

Sarah Kennell, the national director of public policy at the National Office of the Canadian Mental Health Association, stated in a recent interview with Global News, “sadly, that information is not surprising to us. We’ve been conducting similar research in collaboration with the University of British Columbia, and the data certainly resonates.”

Lexi Daken, a sixteen-year-old from New Brunswick, committed suicide in February 2021, and her family believes that the lockdown trapping of kids from their friends and activities had a key role in Lexi’s mental health decline.

Lexi was sent home without a resolution after waiting many hours at the hospital and informing health care personnel she was suicidal due to government-imposed constraints on the health-care system.

In Canada, children and teens have been placed under strict lockdown, despite the fact that their mortality risk is similar to that of other illnesses such as the flu.

Deaths linked to opioid overdosing have followed a similar pattern. During lockdowns in Ontario, there was a “surge” in opioid overdoses.

Overdoses among the homeless and unemployed constituted for a major share of the fatalities.

According to a report by the Ontario Drug Policy Research Network, fatal overdoses spiked by more than 75% when lockdowns were implemented compared to the previous year.

Lexi had already overdosed on drugs before taking her own life.

Despite evidence from places such as Sweden that have never had harsh restrictions, Canadian regions have chosen to persist in repressive and hazardous lockdowns.

Sweden kept schools open, and according to the Brownstone Institute, “Sweden followed the actual science and not The Science™… [N]o one in the media or public health establishment was willing to discuss the inarguable reality that Sweden’s results were no worse than many countries across the globe — and significantly better than many, many others.”

“…Sweden, the country that eschewed strict lockdowns, had some of the lowest mask usage anywhere on earth, kept schools open and society functioning as much as possible, and had one of the lowest rates of overall mortality of any country in their region.”

In a country like Sweden, where public health is treated more humanely, young kids like Lexi would not have been exposed to the same mental health hazards.

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  1. It has to be said for Canada that during that same time period, at least in Ottawa, that all gov agencies were gung ho for assisted suicide for depressed, unemployed and/or homeless people and they have been ‘disappeared’ for the most part. I suggest at least 500 persons were ‘suicided’ intentionally by the ‘authorities’. It also needs to be said that ‘Fascism’ did not begin in Canada under Justin, only improved. It was Pierre Trudeau who began the march to fascism in 1970, with several pieces of legislation each more onerous than the one before, and was fully instituted and enshrined by 1984. Yes, George Orwell style 1984 with the Charter of Rights and (NO) Freedoms as explicitly stated in the Notwithstanding Clause. Speaking of Klaus, as in Schwab, apparently Pierre was sodomized by Klaus even before Justin or Christia were. WEF and Davos are straight from hell via the Vatican. Make no mistake about that! Nor, think that Ukraine is the most fascist nation on earth. Canada is! Australia probably coming in third. Right, or left, there are no rights here. Wait till they empty YOUR bank account into theirs. Or, don’t.

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