Secret Hamas Assets Worth Up To $1Bln Targeted

US Under Secretary of the Treasury for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence Brian Nelson said that the secret Hamas assets that a US official claimed were worth up to $1 billion are going to be targeted.

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According to US Under Secretary of the Treasury for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence Brian Nelson, the United States and the Gulf countries have increased their efforts to stop the money flow purportedly going to Hamas through its covert investment portfolio.

The mysterious tunnels of Gaza, which have been dug by Gaza’s militias for close to 40 years, are often hidden beneath buildings, vegetation, and other terrain, posing a threat of urban warfare.

Nelson stated that in the wake of the Hamas attack on Israel, the US and members of the Gulf Cooperation Council should work together to address “terrorist financing” at an emergency meeting of the Terrorist Financing Targeting Center in Riyadh on Tuesday.

“Hamas financiers have long enjoyed unimpeded access to many jurisdictions and likely their financial systems as well. We need to better understand these networks, and more importantly, stop this activity if it is occurring in our jurisdictions,” he stated.

An American broadcaster on Tuesday quoted a US official as claiming that the Palestinian group is suspected of having investments totaling between $400 million and $1 billion, including in businesses that operate in Sudan, Algeria, Turkiye, and the United Arab Emirates.

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