San Diego Loses 22% Of Its Police Force Due To Vaccine Mandates

Recent reports show that due to the vaccine mandates, San Diego has lost 22% of its police force just when homicide rates are rising by 17% and property crime has risen by 7% overall.

San Diego Loses 22% Of Its Police Force Due To Vaccine Mandates 1

The majority of the police quitting San Diego are leaving due of the city’s continued obsession with COVID vaccine mandates, which has caused the city to experience its greatest exodus of officers since 2009.

The decision by the residents of Los Angeles County to elect Sheriff Alex Villanueva, who declined to enforce unconstitutional vaccination mandates, was possibly their smartest move ever. The choice probably prevented them from losing 25% or more of their sheriff’s department law enforcement officers.

Compare this to the LAPD, who had less luck. Over 2200 employees have refused to cooperate, and a large number of officers have resigned or been sacked. In California, this has been a regular problem, and San Diego is the most recent area to experience massive losses of LEOs due to vaccination mandates.

In the 2022 fiscal year alone, more than 230 San Diego police officers (252 sworn deputies in 2021) left city employment, accounting for around 22% of all deputies in active duty.

San Diego Loses 22% Of Its Police Force Due To Vaccine Mandates 2

While city authorities are rushing to approve a 10% wage rise as an incentive to bring in new officers, many within the department were well aware that this outcome was inevitable. Officials now claim that it will be impossible to replace deputies as quickly as they leave.

Meanwhile, the disgruntled po3, an unnamed SDPD officer, claims that the lack of officers has resulted in excruciating wait times for emergencies.

The covid mandates, according to San Diego Police Officers Association President Jared Wilson, were the tipping point for many deputies. This is totally expected. Given that the majority of the rest of the country has changed and totally abandoned mandates, California’s vigorous enforcement of the requirement for COVID vaccinations is very peculiar. Democrats and the left control California’s political landscape, and it often appears as once they decide they want something, they won’t stop until they get it, no matter how unnecessary it may be.

Given that they are costing major CA cities a significant portion of their police forces at a time when homicide rates are rising by 17% and property crime rose by 7% overall, climbing to pre-pandemic levels after lockdowns kept the public inside in 2020 and for the majority of 2021, this attitude once again demonstrates that such mandates are more about control than about public health or safety.

The state’s economic recession is likely to result in an increase in crime, and local citizens are beginning to rethink the anti-police rhetoric of many far-left politicians. Major political upsets have already occurred, including the recall of a progressive district attorney in San Francisco and the election of an ex-Republican candidate for mayor of Los Angeles. The average Californian now seems to worry more about crime than covid, but current leaders still don’t appear to understand this.

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  1. THIS is our LEADERSHIP CLASS – – able to make right decisions in difficult times – will be needed to be rehired after ’22 and ’24 elections. shalom to all

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