WATCH – Putin Plans To Quit WHO, WTO

Russian President Vladimir Putin said in April that the government should revise Russia’s approach in WTO by June 1. Now it seems that they’re moving ahead with it as Russia moves to withdraw from WTO and WHO.

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  1. Well, I would like to say it would be a good idea for us all to work together via such organizations as the WHO and the WTO…..but since these organizations have been infiltrated and compromised, it is no longer a good idea at all, I wish you luck Russia,,,,you are better off without these dark entities hanging over your shoulders

  2. I would agree with Jennifer, however, it would appear that we have entered the time period known as the Apocalypse, and, all of the earth’s peoples will be involved whether they like it or not. Sit back, enjoy the ride, make sure you have enough popcorn to last till the end of the show! Meaning: this could be your last month to stock up on food before there is none available.

  3. I wonder just how far Russia is going to break with the NWO darkness. I understand they were involved in covid “vaccines” so these moves are a surprise.

    I hope Russia manages to survive the coming insanity and purge of humanity.

  4. LET Me Break w standard paradigms (std thinking) – – the Apocalypse is OVER – – W Hats in mop-up actions – – n’er-do-wells at an end, their existence is over a la Lion lying down w kid as in Isaiah,,, as in Sabbath… as in Rest… as in promised Lord’s Day… as in ‘a day w the Lord is as a 1000 yrs’ – – STARTLING Actions to come… mainly events at the Hands of Heaven a la ‘Parting of Red Sea’. .. Apocalyptic Tragedy is for Goats – – not so much for Sheep (thinking should include one’s expectation to a clean-up / restoration of our Earthly Home – guided by Heaven itself and gives everyone something useful to do … ….. shalom to all

  5. Jennifer H , gave a like to your comment and added some thoughts in post below. ….. … shalom

  6. Moriyah , gave a like to your comment and added more thoughts in post below. …… … shalom

  7. johns , a predcient ‘purge of humanity’ observation , gave a like and added a post below. shalom

  8. Well that will be a step in the right direction. It is known Mr Putin has been mentioned as a young global leader. Wish he could explain that if not or is would he quit the WEF. Oh and while he is at it will he stop the chemtrail spraying on his people and maybe the injections as well at least for the childrens sake

  9. @now is new new
    Is there actually proof that Putin was a young global leader?
    He can neither be found in the lists of “Young Global Leaders” nor in the lists of “Global Leaders for Tomorrow”. However, you can find Angela Merkel and Victor Orban in the lists of “Global Leaders for Tomorrow”.

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