Video: Russia Launches Probe Over Ukrainian ISIS Style ‘Social Ad’ Featuring Execution Of Russian Soldier

Several real-life horrific recordings from Ukraine have surfaced in recent weeks, depicting mistreatment of Russian servicemen who had been kidnapped. However, one video in particular has caused Russia to launch a probe over Ukrainian ISIS-style ‘social ad’ featuring execution of a Russian soldier.

Russia Launches Probe Over Ukrainian ISIS-Style ‘Social Ad’ Featuring Execution Of Russian Soldier

On Monday, Russia’s Investigative Committee opened a criminal investigation into a Ukrainian social media advertisement that urged for aggression towards Russian soldiers. The commercial shows a mock death of a Russian soldier, shot in a peculiar way reminiscent to Islamic State (IS, previously ISIS) terrorist propaganda films.

Over the weekend, a controversial video surfaced on social media, causing a stir in Russia. It shows a lady, who appears to be Ukraine, giving a terrible tirade about Russians, with a ‘prisoner’ kneeling by her side dressed in Russian military uniform. For a long time, the actress condemns Russian “pigs” of ridiculing, oppressing, and killing Ukrainians, claiming that the scenario has finally shifted.

“Something terrible woke up the peace-loving and grain-growing nation. Something that has been dormant for centuries in the bowels of the Dneper banks. Primordial and antique Ukrainian god. And now we’re reaping a bloody harvest. Death awaits you all,” the actress states, ‘slitting’ the throat of the ‘prisoner’ with a sickle.

The woman also promised vengeance for Bucha, a northern Kiev suburb, as well as other Ukrainian villages and cities purportedly targeted by Russian soldiers. After Russian troops departed from the region in early April, Ukraine accused the Russian military of massacring residents in Bucha. Moscow denied any role in the killings, claiming that the entire incident in Bucha was a premeditated “provocation” by Kiev to blame the country’s military.

Andrianna Kurilets, a part-time professional actress from the western Ukrainian city of Lvov, has been recognized as the woman in the video. However, the actress’ dubious ‘fame’ and media exposure appear to have done little to nothing for her, since she has removed her social media pages in the aftermath of the ad’s debut.

Aside from the online backlash, the role spurred a criminal investigation by Russia’s Investigative Committee. The actress made “calls for violence against Russian Armed Forces officers,” according to a statement released by the committee on Monday.

“In the ad, Kurilets voices extremist statements and cuts a man’s throat with a sickle while smiling. This video has been circulated on social networks and contains explicit hate speech, as well as threats,” it added.

Several real-life horrific recordings from Ukraine have surfaced in recent weeks, depicting mistreatment of Russian servicemen who had been kidnapped. The distressing recordings purport to show Ukrainian military torturing, beating, and even killing captives.

After Kiev’s failure to fulfill the provisions of the Minsk agreements made in 2014, and Russia’s subsequent recognition of the Donbass republics of Donetsk and Lugansk, Moscow launched an extensive offensive on neighboring Ukraine in late February.

The Minsk Protocol, negotiated by Germany and France, was intended to grant the separatist areas special status within the Ukrainian state.

Since then, Russia has insisted that Ukraine declare itself a neutral country that would never join the NATO alliance led by the United States. Kiev believes the Russian invasion was unjustified and refutes assertions that it planned to seize the two separatist districts by force.

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