Rat Czar: NYC’s “Director Of Rodent Migration” To Be Paid $155,000 Per Year

Kathleen Corradi, NYC’s Director of Rodent Control, also known as the Rat Czar, will be paid $155,000 per year according to reports.

New York City has found another novel way to dole out the increasing levy it places on its citizens via out-of-control taxation: a new city employee earning $155,000 a year to focus on ridding the city of rats. 

That’s right – as of this week, New York City officially has a “Rat Czar” on its payroll. The employee, Kathleen Corradi, was introduced by New York Mayor Eric Adams this week. Her title is officially “director of rodent migration”, according to a Bloomberg writeup published this week.

And Corradi’s resume has rats on it too: she was formerly the Department of Education’s rat reduction specialist, the report says. 

Mayor Adams had announced earlier this year that he was looking for a fighter in the city’s “war against rats” and was willing to pay between $120,000 and $170,000 for someone to do say. 

Kathleen Corradi, a former elementary school teacher and land use expert who specializes in urban sustainability, has been appointed by NYC Mayor as the city’s first Rat Czarina.

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