Pfizer Demanding Bank Reserves, Military Bases And Embassy Buildings As Collateral For COVID-19 Vaccines

Pharma giant Pfizer has been holding sovereign governments to ransom making bizarre demands asking for bank reserves, embassy buildings and military bases as collateral in return for COVID-19 vaccines.

Pfizer Demanding Bank Reserves, Military Bases And Embassy Buildings As Collateral For COVID-19 Vaccines

The US-based company Pfizer is holding governments to ransom, interfering with their legislation, and even demanding military bases as guarantee.

Pfizer asked the Govt of Argentina to be compensated for the cost of any future civil lawsuits, reported WION.

If someone files a civil lawsuit against Pfizer in Argentina and wins that case, the government of Argentina and not Pfizer would pay the compensation.

So, Argentina’s parliament passed a new law in October 2020, but Pfizer was unhappy with its phrasing.

The law said Pfizer needs to at least pay for negligence, for its own mistakes if it happens to make any in the future.

Pfizer rejected this, after which Argentina offered to amend the law to define negligence more clearly – to include only vaccine distribution and delivery under negligence.

Pfizer was still not happy and demanded the law be amended through a new decree, which Argentina refused.

Pfizer then asked Argentina to buy an international insurance to pay for potential future cases against Pfizer, to which the country agreed.

But that was not enough, in December 2020, Pfizer again came back with more demands.

And this time Pfizer demanded Argentina’s sovereign assets as collateral.

Pfizer demanded that Argentina put its bank reserves, military bases and embassy buildings at stake.

Argentina did not agree with Pfizer’s demands.

Another country Pfizer made such bizarre demands is with Brazil.

Pfizer told the Govt of Brazil to create a guarantee fund, and deposit money in a foreign bank account.

On January 23, 2021 – Brazil’s Health Ministry put out a statement citing excerpts from Pfizer’s pre-contract clauses.

Here’s a list of Pfizer’s demands:

  • Brazil waives the sovereignty of its assets abroad in favour of Pfizer,
  • that the rules of the land – be not applied on Pfizer,
  • that Brazil take into consideration a delay in delivery,
  • that Pfizer is not penalised for a delayed delivery, and
  • that in case of any side effects, Pfizer be exempted from all civil liability.

The government of Brazil calls these clauses abusive. The Pfizer deal with Brazil failed too.

Pfizer even wanted India to order its COVID-19 vaccines without any local trials.

According to the co-founder of BioNTech Dr Ugur Sahin, the COVID-19 vaccine he designed for Pfizer was designed in just few hours in a single day on January 25, 2020. No other vaccine in history has been created and manufactured so quickly. Previously, the fastest vaccine ever developed took more than four years.

As reported by GreatGameIndia earlier, Pfizer has paid $2.3 billion in the largest healthcare fraud settlement in history to resolve criminal and civil liability arising from the illegal promotion of certain pharmaceutical products.

Even, the US government paid over $57 million in compensation for vaccine injuries and deaths till March 2020 alone.

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  1. Argentina should not accept this garbage and move some where else for their vaccine request. Pfizer should be responsible for the injury cause by its contents in the vaccine. There are more than 1000 deaths reported in USA post COVID vaccine administration and its largely on older population.

  2. Former Presiden Reagan signed an executive order making drug manufacturers not liable for injuries or deaths.

    This made the practice of free test subjects available to these manufacturers by people fearful of dying from an ” pandemic” susceptible to these untested vaccines and thus no recourse to families should they die…and they have.

    That this ” practice is now being deployed to other countries should be a huge ted flag and in my opinion ought to unite against these drug companies and get out of ths so called United Nations… is a centralized tyranny for resources to occupy a sovereign country.

    Shameful behaviour absolutly no ethical integrity on these consortium of drug pushers.

  3. In case, anyone doesn’t already know, the vaccines are not needed at all. None of them are proven, if so just ask, how long does any protection last, is that weeks, months, years and even then if so, ask how effective is your vaccine against all mutated and or variant strains of COVID-19 given there is now more than 50,000+ confirmed as to date. Then we can ask, how effect are the vaccines, meaning do they give anyone 100% protection, which is never the case. Furthermore, all vaccine are NOT a cure, and they all depend upon an immune system to properly function.

    In contrary, studies performed in Germany and conducted for Dr. Bernd Glauner and Lorenz Borsche with 780 patients with COVID-19 (sars-CoV-2) gave the following results:

    Vitamin D below 17 ng/mL: 100% deaths
    Vitamin D above 34 ng/mL: Zero deaths
    Vitamin D above 60 ng/mL: Symptoms of the coronavirus
    Vitamin D above 80 ng/mL: No symptoms

    Nanograms per milliliter, abbreviated ng/mL

    Lysine with an arginine restricted diet has also proven highly successful against COVID-19. Read: and

    Instead of getting serious adverse side effects, boost your immune system that fights against many more types of infectious diseases, rather than just one by a vaccine. Ask yourself why isn’t natural immunity endorsed, but instead artificial methods like vaccinations are? What makes “natural immunity” illegal? The short answer is natural immunity is totally free, there is no profit in it. Pfizer is plundering billions and nobody holds them accountable of even responsible, despite the +5000 deaths globally from taking their vaccine.

  4. Tell pfizer to get the F out and take their Crispr vaxx (made by biontec the crispr company )that bill and melinda , the who and indonesia paid for with them

  5. All these so called vaxxs are Crispr. They are not a vaxx as have been known before with their 13 adjunctive additives. That is why biontech was contracted to make them in the first place because pfizer doesn’t specialize in gene editing material but biontech se Germany does.

  6. Absolutely – the US has the most vaccinated population on earth, and some of the worst health outcomes. Big Pharma organised the demonising of hydroxychloroquine, thus costing hundreds of thousands of unnecessary fatalities, in order to push their ‘Remdesevir’ and Franken-jabs.

  7. The idea of a vaccination (that never worked) is to “attenuate” a germ, or use the toxin of a germ, to stimulate an organism to produce antibodies. For this you need the germ. A corona virus was never proven to exist, it is a computer model based on an other computer model (of the also never proven to exist SARS virus). The published pictures are computer generated images only. Those people who died a dramatic death in China initially were created by releasing a weedicide, Paraquat, a severe poison (did you know that the Latin word for poison is VIRUS?) that causes exactly those symptoms and leads to death by multiple organ failure in about 3 days. There is no cure. After this the common flu was renamed COVID19 and with the help of enormous bribing moneys and blackmailing government officials were made to participate in the fraud. This was one of the jobs of Jeffrey Epstein. The total death rate worldwide was not higher in 2020 than in the 5 years before. So no-one died any more of cancer, car accidents, suicide, heart attack etc., they all died now of COVID19. The alleged PFIZER vaccine only kills some people immediately, it will most likely kill most vaccinated sheeple in one or two years, especially if they had “Booster Vaccines”. How can a non existing virus mutate??? Pfizer seems to know exactly what is coming. This is why they want to cover their bum. There is one good thing however – there will be a lot less fools left. Only they will agree to be vaccinated.

  8. I agree. There has never been any disease solved or cured by vaccines. It’s a huge scam. The diseases come along, the drug companies take years to produce the vaccine. At the end of what is a natural amount of time for a disease to run it’s course, they storm in with ‘vaccines’ and claim they saved us, when 99% of the population has already gained an immunity.

  9. How about this Pfizer. We’ll give you a big hammer, and you can ram your poisons up your own asses!
    Yes, I am antivax. I’m 65 years old and never get sick…EVER!I’ve never had but a tetnus shot in my life. Vaccines destroy your immune system!

  10. The big lie, the elephant in the room, is Pasteur’s germ theory, which is false and fraudulent. Viruses have never been proven to be infectious, nor the cause of disease. They have not even been properly isolated, as commented earlier. It’s a giant hoax, on which the big pharma model is based. People get sick from all kinds of things, but not infectious viruses. Masks, vaccines, social distancing, and all the other brainwash medical tyranny is totally useless. Except for control and slavery.

  11. I have also heard that a virus cannot be proven to exist and the only “picture” of them is a computer generated model. However, can’t the same thing be said of the genome? I’ve never actually found any microscopic pictures of a “gene” on a petri dish, yet am relatively sure they exist. That danged red haired gene has certainly been passed down through my family enough times! That being said, I’m with the guy that said he stays away from vaccines and stays healthy with his own immune system. Drug companies should not be immune from lawsuits. If they won’t stand by their own product, why would we ever think they were good for us?!!

  12. Vaccines are for the uneducated. I am 89 and smart enough to ask why I should take a risky vaccine that killed the test animals when I can be cured of COVID by taking hydroxychoriquin or Ivermechtin!! If Bill Gates doesn’t kill us all off with the vaccines, he’ll produce veggies on all the farm land he’s buying up that will do us in!! What a scam —- and there seems to be little pushback!

  13. What do you want Pfizer to Do?? Give it to Argentina for FREE??
    Putting Aside All the Issues with the Supposed Deaths Caused by the Vaccine,and Not using “Hydroxychloroquine ” instead {Which is NOT a Vaccine, it just Reduces the Risk of Getting Infected}
    Argentina has a LONG TRACK RECORD of NOT Paying.
    So You would Prefer that Anybody to do Business with them and NOT Ask for some GUARANTEE??
    The World BANK Even Denied them there Last Load due to Not Fulfilling their Obligations.
    Now i am NOT Sticking up for any Drug Company, i’m Simply Saying Don’t Listen to All the Hype,
    I’m Strictly Looking at it as a Business Transaction {it Does not Matter the Circumstances}
    Doing Business with Argentina is a HIGH RISK,, and it’s NOT that they Don’t have the Money, THEY DO they Simply Do NOT Feel Obligated to Pay for what Everyone Else does.
    And Especially Since they have Gotten away with it So Many Times in the Past, Anybody would be Simply STUPID to NOT Ask for some Guarantees.
    I Have relatives that have Lived there since the 1920s, the Government is as Corrupt as they Come {Does not matter which one, it has changed Several Times, 1 Dictator after another.
    This Whole Story was Probably Created by the Argentinian government to Make Pfizer Look Bad instead of them, And to Get Some Sympathy Votes on their side.

  14. Pfizer is Not a German Company it is a USA company. Based in New York.
    the Men who Started the Business in 1849. were Charles Pfizer and his Cousin Charles F. Erhart, Both Born in What is Now Germany;

  15. If the Globalists, who are the only ones that got richer by the day since the Plandemic was declared by the WHO, are so “hell bent on saving the world”, why don’t they just give the vaccines away?!! No, no, no, whilst firming their grip on the world and removing your freedom they also intend to enrich themselves!!!

    This is not about a virus or a pandemic, it is only a “smoke and mirrors” exercise to control, track and trace everyone, and ultimately rid the world from the ones that oppose them, or do not support their goals. The GREAT RESET!!!

  16. Who needs these phoney vaccines , when essential oils ( to prevent by spraying ) and medicinal herbs
    ( for intake to treat in case of infection ) do wonders ( and herbs don’t care about ” variants ” … another good diversion / rip off !!! )

  17. The dems said they would do anything to stop Trump and just so happened Biden was in China when the virus was turned loose on the world , then he went home and immediatley went into hiding in a cellar for months someplace I assume because he had a hand in it knowing it was coming and wanted to hide from it .

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