Saturday, June 22, 2024

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Groundbreaking research, published in Nature in April 2023, reveals why certain individuals remain COVID-19-proof despite exposure, attributing it to subdued and rapid immunological responses observed in asymptomatic cases. You...
In a startling move, Russian President Vladimir Putin has been quietly steering Russia away from the global liberal order for years, foreseeing a looming catastrophe. Russian economist Sergei Glazyev revealed how Putin's strategy, starting with forming the...
The UGC-NET exam question paper was leaked on the darknet, prompting its cancellation by the National Testing Agency (NTA) on Wednesday due to concerns about the integrity of the examination.
According to a study in Nature Communications, an ancient earthquake, possibly magnitude 7.5 or 8, dramatically altered the course of the Ganga River 2,500 years ago, as evidenced by seismites near Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Japan grapples with a surge in cases of streptococcal toxic shock syndrome (STSS), a rare but deadly bacterial infection, with 1,019 documented cases and 77 deaths since January 2024, according to the Washington Post.
Egypt has inaugurated the Hamam sewage treatment plant, the largest in the world, as part of the New Republic initiative. It's located in the western Delta region, a significant step in Egypt's water management strategy.
Joe Biden-backed EV startup Fisker filed for bankruptcy late Monday, planning asset sale amid manufacturing halt. Henrik Fisker, former Aston Martin and BMW designer, founded the company, which has filed for bankruptcy twice.
Dell, SMC, and Nvidia are collaborating on Elon Musk's Grok supercomputer project in Memphis, set to be the world's largest. The venture aims to power the chatbot Grok, with potential implications for AI development.
In a post on X, Ecuador's Minister of Public Works, Roberto Luque, revealed that the nationwide power blackout, which plunged the country into darkness, was due to a failure in the transmission line.
Discoveries at Frio Cave have raised concerns about the spread of rabies. Experts worry that the virus could potentially be transmitted through the air, highlighting the need for stricter safety measures. This discovery emphasizes the importance of...