Mobile Gaming – Revolution That Changed the History of Gambling

Not so long ago, a revolution happened, the one that changed the history of online gambling forever. The revolution brought the players around the world freedom; a chance to enjoy their favorite casino content wherever and whenever they want.

The birth of mobile gaming shook the whole online gambling community somewhere around 2005, when Playtech, a respectable software developer, launched a mobile-friendly platform and changed the course of gaming everlastingly. The popularity of remote entertainment was becoming bigger day by day, up until the moment it beat Desktop gaming. In 2020, a significant online breakdown happened. Out of the entire $143 billion spent on mobile apps, $100 billion was for mobile games! The numbers were skyrocketing! Compared to just one year earlier, 2019, the increase was huge – 35%!

Why have gamblers become so keen on mobile gaming in such a short time?

The Ups And Downs of Mobile Gaming

There are plenty of reasons why players around the world rather opt for mobile gaming, instead of Desktop. Let’s name a few…

·        Availability / There is no chance to fit your PC inside your back pocket, right? Mobile entertainment pro number one is the availability to play casino games at any time and any place.

·        Lots of Great Free Games / As the mobile-friendly systems were developing, new games started to emerge; software developers competed who will make better mobile games for free. At this point, gamblers “on the go” have great, free, opportunities on the tip of their hands.

·        Stress Reduce / It’s official! Many scientists proved that playing your favorite games can reduce stress at work. Enjoying your favorite content can help you feel relaxed and more enthusiastic about work when the break ends. Again, this wouldn’t be possible if you needed to carry a laptop or a Desktop computer to your lunch break.

Every coin has two sides, therefore, mobile gaming, as popular as it is, has some disadvantages, as well.

·        Small Screen / This is a price you need to pay if you want to fit a casino inside a pocket. For many players, small-screen devices are just not exciting enough. And it’s true; it’s hard to compare the greatness of gambling when you see all the symbols, colors, animations on the big Desktop screen, to a small smartphone display…

·        Boring Adds / As we said, a significant number of mobile games are absolutely free. However, there is always a BUT; free games are filled with irritating, pop-up ads.

·        Battery life / This can be a tricky situation, especially when you are winning. No gambler, during an exciting game, wish to see the battery life at its end. Can be stressful, so we recommend using portable batteries, to save your nerves.

Android or iOS?  

Oh, the never-ending battle…

The reality is that both systems, currently, offer the same: excellent mobile optimizations, simple navigation, smooth gameplay without lags, and finally hefty bonuses and loyalty clubs. Simply, it’s a win-win situation for both Android and iOS users, it’s just a matter of taste.

However, when the mobile gaming industry was in its first phases of development, iOS users had more perks inside their phones; they had more titles at their disposal since the games were more frequently optimized for iOS. 

But, looking from this point, there are no differences anymore. The majority of online giants built their content on the HTML5 platform, one of the best out there, for modern mobile solutions.  The invention of this platform opened many new doors in the mobile market; players got the opportunity to experience new content, premium graphics, live games, full-scale bonuses, and even multiplayer titles. Simply, they got the full package, the same one they would get when playing in Desktop mode. Additionally, some developers started to construct slots exclusively for mobile users, so some of the games available on remote devices couldn’t even be found in Desktop online casinos.

To wrap it up…

Android or iOS…you get the same. Follow your taste without concerns you will miss anything if you “choose wrong” There is no wrong choice anymore. Play responsibly and have fun!

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