Mariah Carey’s Sister Reveals They Were Sexually Abused At Occult Rituals In Their Childhood

Alison Carey, the sister of the famous American singer and song-writer Mariah Carey has revealed that they were taken to mysterious occult rituals and sexually abused when they were young children. The revelations shed more insight into the infamous relationship of Hollywood with the occult. The Jeffrey Epstein case has shown to the world how this nefarious culture is sustained in order to infiltrate and gain access to higher echelons of power.

Mariah Carey’s Sister Reveals They Were Sexually Abused At Occult Rituals In Their Childhood
Mariah Carey’s Sister Reveals They Were Sexually Abused At Occult Rituals In Their Childhood

“It sounds hard to believe and I have so many memories I wish I never had,” she said.

A close family member used to wake her up just before 2 am and take her to an old hall that looked like a castle. To reach there they took a short walk from the church she used to attend in Huntington, New York.

The Occult Rituals

“The ceremonies or rituals were always between 2 am and 4 am and they weren’t every week as far as I can remember – just certain dates.”

“Everyone would wear long robes with black hoods and walk in twos across to this place.”

“Inside they would start the rituals and they would be chanting in another language – I think Latin.”

“I never understood what was going on – I remember there was some kind of a table or altar and they would chant and every one would stand in a circle. There would be around 20 people there – including children.”

Terrible Memories

Alison bears spectacular resemblance to her famous sister Mariah, she claims that she was sexually abused at these meetings in an exclusive interview with Sun Online.

“Then terrible things would happen – things that a child should never see,” she said.

She said the experience still haunts her, “Imagine being told that as a child? Of course I went along with what they said.”

“I think I was about six when I first remember going there and it went on for a few years.”

When a family member tried to burn down their home Alison had to climb out of the window with her three-year-old sister Mariah. Mariah’s brother Morgan also recalls that he was indeed taken to occult gatherings.

Alison used to hide Mariah in cupboards to ensure her safety while the family member was chasing her with a knife.

The situations weren’t getting any better, one time he started pouring gasoline outside of the door, and terrorized to put it on fire. She climbed out of the window to run away and reach the neighbours house for help.

“That was just one occasion but I suffered a tremendous amount of abuse throughout my childhood – I had things happened to me you don’t even want to imagine.”

Alison has also been suffering from HIV and drug addiction since she was 20. Once an intruder attacked Alison with a baseball bat after which she had to undergo a brain surgery.

Although Mariah dedicated her first album to her sister Alison, writing “This album is dedicated to my sister – keep shining”, they both scarcely meet or talk to each other.

“What I would want to tell her is: ‘Mariah, I know that you’ve gone through a tremendous amount of pain and difficulty.I know sometimes you feel as though what you’re remembering didn’t really happen, you know?”

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