Scientists Create New Map Of Life Showing Locations Of Unknown Undiscovered Species

Scientists have produced a new map that helps find the species that are undiscovered and are unknown to science. Scientists claim that they can highlight the under-explored corners of the earth with this new map. These remaining underexplored corners may be the home of species unknown to science.

Scientists Create New Map Of Life Showing Locations Of Unknown Undiscovered Species

This model is based on the speculative cartography techniques and created by Ecologists Mario Moura and Walter Jetz. It is all based on newly discovered species and an existing database of known species.

They also accept that it may not be a 100% accurate model, but it may determine how many species may be unknown to science and where these undiscovered species of plants and animals can be found.

It acknowledges some factors like sociological, environmental and biological.

 “Conservative estimates suggest only 13% to 18% of all living species may be known at this point, although this number could be as low as 1.5%,” researchers from Yale University said.

“Without inclusion in conservation decision-making and international commitments, these [undiscovered] species and their functions may be forever lost in ignorance.”

More than 32,000 terrestrial vertebrates are existing, but there are many species that are hidden and yet to be found.

This research may be used by biologists, taxonomists and conservationists in their researches to find out unexplored species of creatures on this planet.

The scientists found out some nations that have the most undiscovered vertebrate species and these nations maybe Colombia, Madagascar, Indonesia and Brazil. Tropical forests all across the globe may cover 50% of undiscovered species of animals and plants.

The researchers highlight the’ obscure’ later and ‘obvious’ first rule when it is about taxonomy. Larger animals are most likely to be known to science or humanity. Smaller animals might have been undiscovered.

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