Man Reaches Agreement With Two Wives, Will Spend 3 Days A Week With Each, Free To Choose On Sunday

With the intervention of the Gwalior Family Court, a man has reached an agreement with his two wives about who will spend three days a week with whom, free to choose on Sunday.

A 28-year-old software engineer from Madhya Pradesh’s Gwalior arrived at an agreement with his two wives and divided his time between the two women. He agreed to spend three days of the week with one of his wives and the next three with the other. He is free to spend Sunday with either of the women.

The man also had to provide separate flats to each woman. He has fathered children with both women.

Advocate Harish Dewan, the counselor appointed by the Gwalior Family Court in January 2023 to resolve the issue, said that a 26-year-old woman married the man in May 2018. The man worked at a company in Gurugram and the couple lived in the city for two years. They also had a son together.

In 2020, the couple came to Gwalior after the pandemic began and the man started working from home. However, he went back to Gurugram after spending a few days in Gwalior. He did not come back for his wife and child even when the situation improved.

The wife told him that she would come to Gurugram from Gwalior and her family found out that in 2021, the man had married his co-worker from the same company. The second wife also gave birth to a girl.

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