Will Israel Confiscate Palestinian Gas For EU

There is potential for Israel to confiscate Palestinian gas for the EU as part of the EU-Israel-Saudi Arabia-Emirates-India Corridor.

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The Biden White House is raving about the impending Gaza truce it helped arrange, acting as though it’s “on the verge” of its “biggest diplomatic victory,” while the rest of the world is lamenting “Israeli genocide.”

Beneath the smug stories, the US administration is not even remotely “wary about Netanyahu’s endgame.” In fact, it fully supports it, including genocide, as decided in a meeting held at the White House on September 20, less than three weeks before the Al-Aqsa Flood, between Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu and Joe “The Mummy” Biden’s handlers.

This week’s scheduled implementation of the “truce,” mediated by the US and Qatar, is not a cease-fire. Securing the release of a few dozen hostages is a public relations stunt aimed at softening Israel’s atrocities and boosting its morale. Furthermore, the evidence is clear that Israel never adheres to ceasefires.

The “unintended consequence” of the truce, which will “allow journalists broader access to Gaza and the opportunity to further illuminate the devastation there and turn public opinion on Israel,” is, predictably, what the US government is most concerned about.

Since October 7, real journalists have been working nonstop in Gaza; as a result, the Israeli military machine has killed scores of them, in what Reporters Sans Frontieres refers to as “one of the deadliest tolls in a century.”

These journalists have gone above and beyond to “illuminate the devastation,” which is a euphemism for the ongoing genocide, and have made it public for everyone to see in all its horrific detail.

Even UNRWA, which has been subjected to constant Israeli attacks, admitted, if a little clumsily, that this is “the largest displacement since 1948,” an “exodus” of Palestinians, with the younger generation “forced to live through traumas of ancestors or parents.”

Public sentiment in the Global South and Global Majority “turned” towards Zionist extremists a long time ago. However, the people of the collective West, known as the Global Minority, are now watching with rapt attention, horror, and resentment as social media in just six weeks has exposed them to what mainstream media has been hiding for decades. This penny has fallen, and there’s no going back.

A former Apartheid state leads the way

With a vote in parliament to close the Israeli embassy, remove the Israeli ambassador, and sever diplomatic ties with Tel Aviv, the South African government cleared the way for the world’s appropriate response to a genocide in progress. Indeed, South Africans are somewhat knowledgeable about apartheid.

They would better exercise extra caution going forward, just like other detractors of Israel. Anything is possible, including a rise in “terra terra terra” false flags orchestrated by foreign intelligence, man-made weather disasters, fabricated accusations of “human rights abuse,” the depreciation of the national currency, the rand, instances of lawlessness, various forms of Atlanticist apoplexy, and energy infrastructure sabotage. Plus extra.

Given that Israeli politicians and officials have been boasting publicly about razing Gaza and besieging, starving, slaughtering, and mass-transferring its Palestinian population, several countries ought to have by now invoked the Genocide Convention. So far, no geopolitical actor has the courage.

For its part, South Africa showed bravery by venturing where few Arab and Muslim nations have dared. As things are, a large portion of the Arab world remains in the Rhetorical Swamp, especially the US client states.

For Washington, the “truce” mediated by Qatar arrived at the ideal moment. It took the lead from the group of Arab and Islamic foreign ministers traveling to certain cities to advance their proposal for discussions for an independent Palestinian state as well as a comprehensive ceasefire in Gaza.

The countries that make up this Gaza Contact Group include Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, Indonesia, Nigeria, and Palestine. They met with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi in Beijing before moving on to Moscow to meet with Sergei Lavrov. That was undoubtedly an example of BRICS 11 in operation prior to their official launch on January 1st, 2024, during the Russian presidency.

Concurrent with the meeting with Lavrov in Moscow, the current South African presidency scheduled an unusual online BRICS session on Palestine. President of Iran, Ebrahim Raisi, backed the South African measures and urged the BRICS nations to exert pressure on Tel Aviv using all political and economic means at their disposal. Iran is the leader of the region’s Axis of Resistance and has severed all ties with Israel.

Furthermore, it was significant to hear Chinese President Xi Jinping state emphatically that “a just solution to the Palestine question is necessary for Middle East security.”

Xi reiterated that “a two-state solution,” “the restoration of Palestine’s legitimate national rights,” and “the establishment of an independent state of Palestine” were essential. All of this ought to begin with an international summit.

At this point, neither the brief ceasefire nor the assurance of more talks are sufficient. At best, the US government was arm-wrestling Tel Aviv into implementing a brief “pause” in the genocide while it was grappling with an unforeseen worldwide outcry. This implies that after a few days, the devastation still goes on.

Even if this cease-fire had been a true “ceasefire,” with Israel’s military pulling out of the Gaza Strip completely, there would still be very little to do the following day. John Mearsheimer, a realpolitik expert, has previously concluded that a diplomatic resolution to the Israel-Palestine conflict is unattainable.

Just a casual look at the present map can show how the two-state solution, which was supported by everyone from China and Russia to a large portion of the Arab world, is effectively dead. A loose conglomeration of Bantustans cannot ever come together to form a state.

Let’s grab all their gas

There has been a lot of hoopla across the board about how the Americans desperately need to buy and sell Eastern Mediterranean energy in US dollars, notably the enormous gas deposits off the coast of Gaza, as the petroyuan draws closer.

The advisor on energy security for the US administration has been sent to Israel with the goal of “discussing potential economic revitalization plans for Gaza centered around undeveloped offshore natural gas fields.” Such a sweet euphemism.

Although Gaza’s gas is a vital source, the actual territory is an annoyance. For Tel Aviv, what matters most is seizing all of the Palestinian gas reserves and giving them to the EU, which is one of their future preferred customers.

The EU-Israel-Saudi Arabia-Emirates-India Corridor, also known as the India-Middle East Corridor (IMEC), was envisioned by Washington as the ideal means for Israel to establish itself as a major player in the energy sector. It fantasizes about a US-Israel energy alliance that trades in US dollars, stopping any potential expansion in Iran’s energy exports to Europe and simultaneously substituting Russian energy with the EU.

Here, we go back to the central chessboard of the twenty-first century: Hegemon vs. BRICS.

Beijing has maintained consistent ties with Tel Aviv thus far, lavishing capital in Israeli infrastructure and high-tech sectors. However, Israel’s bombardment of Gaza could alter the situation because genuine sovereignty cannot protect against actual genocide.

Israel agreed to a 4-Day ceasefire with Hamas According to JNS, the agreement calls for a five-day ceasefire in exchange for the release of 40 children and 13 women.

Parallel to this, Beijing’s logical and well-planned course will not be altered by anything the Hegemon devises in its numerous hot war and hybrid plans against the BRICS, China, and its multibillion-dollar Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

All that is necessary to know about what is ahead is provided by Eric Li’s insight. Beijing has plotted every important technological path that will be followed until 2035 in a series of five-year plans. In this context, the BRI ought to be viewed as a geoeconomic UN minus the G7. You are separating yourself from the Global South and Global Majority if you are not part of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), which primarily affects outdated comprador systems and elites.

What then is left of Gaza’s “pause”? The cowards supported by the West will resume their genocide against women and children by next week, and they won’t stop for a very long time. The 800,000 Palestinian civilians who remain in northern Gaza, surrounded by Israeli troops and armored vehicles on all sides, are demonstrating their willingness and ability to take up the fight against the Israeli oppressor, not only for Palestine but for everyone, everywhere, who has a conscience.

There will finally be a reward despite the horrendous blood price to be paid: the gradual but certain disintegration of the imperial project in West Asia.

The war crimes committed by Israel and its supporters in Gaza are of a kind that will never be covered by a mainstream media narrative, public relations campaign to downplay the genocide, or containment of “public opinion turning against Israel.” Maybe this is exactly what the Doctor—metaphysical and otherwise—ordered for humanity: a necessary worldwide catastrophe that everyone must witness and that will also change us all.

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