Israel Doesn’t Have Right To Self-Defense Claims UN Commissioner

Francesca Albanese, from the office of the UN High Commissioner on Human Rights, claimed that Israel doesn’t have the right to self-defense.

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Using technicalities, a UN official referred to as a “commissioner” asserts that Israel lacks the right to defend itself against the whereabouts of the Hamas terrorists, who massacred 1,400 defenceless civilians during an attack on October 7.

Article 51 of the United States charter, according to her, gives “self-defense” a “narrow meaning,” and the Jewish state is not entitled to use it to protect itself against the Hamas terrorists’ house, who invaded and massacred 1,400 citizens.

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The person who has debated semantics is Francesca Albanese, a special rapporteur for Palestinians in the office of the UN High Commissioner on Human Rights.

According to an article in the Washington Free Beacon, Albanese thinks the definition calls for the threat to originate from “another state,” and since Hamas is based in “occupied territory,” Israel’s defence of its own civilians is illegal.

“Under Art 51, use of force in #SelfDefense is permissible solely to repel an armed attack by another State,” Albanese claimed. “Threats from armed groups from within occ. territory give state the RIGHT TO PROTECT ITSELF, but not to wage war against the state from which the armed group emanates.”

“The attacks are clearly indiscriminate, disproportionate, and violate the principle of precaution,” she said in reference to Israel’s campaign to eliminate the threat to its citizens. One cannot bomb hospitals hosting hundreds of patients and sheltering thousands of refugees. Sorry, we need to look for another solution, and not to bomb hospitals. Absolutely not. This is criminal.”

In actuality, a Hamas missile gone awry struck a hospital parking lot, causing some property damage, despite Hamas’s claim that an Israeli rocket had struck a Gaza hospital, killing “500.”

The following day, after Hamas killed over 1,400 Israelis, largely civilians, in an attack on October 7, Albanese told The Free Beacon that she was “horrified by the narrative” that blamed Hamas for the attack. She denounced Israel’s use of force against “defenceless Palestinians” and its “militarised settler colonial occupation.”

Israel’s Defense Minister, Yoav Gallant, provided an update stating that Israeli troops have trapped Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar in a bunker.

In actuality, reports verify that the terrorists from Hamas brought medications with them to lessen their own emotional sensitivity and instructions on how to carry out crimes, such beheading infants and burning entire families alive, which they actually did.

Israel had already been attacked for its self-defense by other U.N. officials, who have a long and radicalised history of criticising Israel more than any other organisation on the planet.

A political agenda was already endorsed by Secretary General Antonio Guterres when he asserted that the terror assaults by Hamas “did not happen in a vacuum.”

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