How A Man “Hacked” Indigo’s Website To Find His Lost Luggage

Ever since the reports regarding the attempt of a man to find his lost luggage became popular on social media, it has garnered a lot of reaction which includes one from the airlines itself. This is the story of how a man “hacked” Indigo’s website to find his lost luggage.

How A Man “Hacked” Indigo’s Website To Find His Lost Luggage

Airlines and forgotten baggage are indeed an old story, and if you fly frequently, you have probably experienced a moment when your baggage was switched or lost while on the road. If that is the case, you are probably aware that contacting customer support to remedy this situation is a pain, but it is something that must be undertaken. For the most part, that is.

After obtaining no support from Indigo’s customer care, Nandan Kumar, a software developer traveling from Patna to Bombay, chose to take things into his own hands. On the same aircraft, his luggage was exchanged with that of another passenger.

“I realised it only after I reached home when my wife pointed out that the bag seems to be a different from ours as we don’t use key based locks in our bags,” he wrote in his Twitter thread.

He attempted to contact Indigo’s customer care, who attempted to link him with the other passenger, but nothing worked. Finally, he resorted to “hacking” Indigo’s webpage to find the user on his own.

He explained how he did this in the thread and wrote, “My dev instinct kicked in and I pressed the F12 button on my computer keyboard and opened the developer console on the @IndiGo6E website and started the whole checkin flow with network log record on.”

In one of the network responses, he eventually found the passenger’s contact information. This was his “hacker moment” as he put it.

Nandan stated that he attempted to locate the passenger’s contact information by first searching Indigo’s website, but was unsuccessful.

He was able to get in touch the passenger through this, and because they lived close together, they promptly agreed to meet and swapped baggage at a central location. They accomplished all this without the assistance of the airline, and Nandan has left some recommendations for Indigo for the future.

He requested that the airline improve their IVR, improve customer service, and, most importantly, repair their website, which leaks vital consumer data.

He concludes his message by claiming that the customer support person reported that the other co-passenger was phoned three times. When Nandan inquired about this, the co-passenger stated that they had not received any calls from Indigo.

Since the incident became popular on social media, the airlines has issued a statement in response to Nandan.

They allege to have traced Nandan down and discovered that he chose the incorrect option for retrieving his bags instead of going to a different page dedicated to fixing the problem. They acknowledged his criticism and stated that they would evaluate it.

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