Iceland Witnessed Rare Cluster Of More Than 10,000 Earthquakes In A Week

Iceland witnessed a rare cluster of more than 10,000 earthquakes within the week. Located in between Europe and North America, Iceland is often hit by earthquakes because of its location between two continental plates that are moving further day by day from each other. While the shocks are common afterwards, that many flutters in a row are a rare incident.

Iceland Witnessed Rare Cluster Of More Than 10,000 Earthquakes In A Week

In a rare incident of natural phenomenon the little north Atlantic nation has witnessed more than 10,000 quakes since last Wednesday and the fluttering is still going on.

The measuring of the most violent of these quakes was 5.7 on the Richter scale and it hit the capital area, the tremors were felt in the streets and homes of Reykjavik. This is the most furious earthquake that hit the country in many years. 

The good news is that no one was injured despite that fact that many citizens are working from home because of the pandemic, particularly in the urban areas. 

As per the news the quake has continued almost all the time from Wednesday apart from a short period on Friday morning. And when it will end is not easy to say right now.

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Many of these streams of quake stop at some point. Usually the most furious earthquake comes first. It goes on for a moment of time and then keeps getting weaker and weaker aftershocks till it finally ends. The fact is the earth getting rid of excess energy to balance itself again as explained by Halldórsson.

Earthquakes are a rare incident in other parts of the world but these are regular incidents in Iceland. The Halldórsson also added that it is very common for the Icelanders as they live in the middle of an earthquake zone.

It also suggests that they are also ready for the flutters. Iceland has very strict regulations in regard to earthquake protection in the world and in schools it is also taught how to be safe in these conditions. 

As per the senior researcher of quakes at national geological survey of Denmark and Greenland Trine Dahl-Jensen the big streams of earthquakes are very rare even for Iceland which is no stranger in the department. 

Iceland generally gets hit by the quakes as it is situated in the middle of a zone where two continental plates are moving further away from each other constantly and also the North American Continental plate pulls the United States further and further away from Europe on the other hand the Eurasian plate pulls in the opposite direction.

There is the crack known as the Silfra rift that runs across the country as a visual proof that attracts many tourists and divers.

As reported by GreatGameIndia earlier, the Earth’s magnetic field is weakening between Africa and South America, disrupting satellites and spacecrafts.

Scientists studying the phenomenon known as the South Atlantic Anomaly (SAA), say the Earth’s magnetic field is about to reverse.

NASA has reported that modern laptops have crashed when Space Shuttle flights passed through the anomaly. South Atlantic Anomaly is thought to be the reason for the failures of the Globalstar network’s satellites in 2007.

The last time a “geomagnetic reversal” took place was 780,000 years ago

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