How Popular Are Scratch Cards In India?

Casino games are gaining prominence in the gaming industry all over the world. This has given rise to an increase in the number of engagements gotten by casino houses. Most casinos have varieties of options including slot games, table games, sports betting, and scratch card and more. Scratch card is one of the popular games among gamblers and it is notable among Indian players.

The high engagement of Scratch card games is perhaps traced to their ease of play. The game allows you to scratch and win real money effortlessly. As a result, the majority of casino players will either play scratch card games at the beginning or the end of their gaming spree. Casino statistics in India revealed that 90% of casino gamers play scratch cards. 

What are scratch card games?

The game allows players to buy a scratch card and then scratch it to reveal a number that decides if they are winning or not. This is a simple gaming procedure, which is instrumental to the prevalence of the game. The player only has to buy the scratch card from a vendor and scratch to win. 

Since the advent of technology has given birth to online gaming, the online version scratch card game now exists. Many players consider the online version of scratch cards game to be simpler than when compared to the conventional game. Perhaps, the flexibility and accessibility of the game online gave birth to that idea.

The online scratch card games allow you to create an account with an online casino. Once you have an account, you must fund your wallet with a certain deposit fee to start your gaming experience. The next thing is to buy scratch cards by selecting available scratch card games on the platform. Then, scratch the card following the process on the platform to reveal a win or loss.

Online scratch card games are prominent in Indian casino games. A large percentage of online casino houses offer the scratch cards game option alongside other gaming options. A player interested in the scratch cards game should therefore select a reputable website that offers scratch card games. Not only this, other factors like payment procedure, responsive website, and good customer service also be considered. 

Why Scratch Cards are Popular In India? 

About 90% of casino players in India have a history of ever playing an online scratch card game. Further study revealed that 50% out of this 90% remain committed after the first trial. This wide engagement of the online Scratch cards game is traceable to the benefits associated with the game. Some of the advantages are discussed as follow; 

  • Ease of playing 

Online Scratch card games are no doubt an easy game to play. Playing the game does not require a long set of rules. The major requirement is registering on an online casino website and making a deposit. After this is done, a player can just select scratch cards to reveal the winning number. 

  • Flexibility 

Another interesting feature of the online scratch cards game is its flexibility. That is,  like every other online casino game, it can be played at the player’s discretion. The player can easily select the amount he decides to play with at any time he deems fit. Unlike the conventional scratch card game where the availability of the vendor decides when to play and the cost of playing.

  • Responsive and mobile-friendly 

The online scratch cards game is always a responsive and mobile-friendly game. This makes it easy for players to access it using any type of device. The game can be played effectively with no difficulty irrespective of the device being used. 

  • High RTP

Scratch card games are known to have higher Return To Player (RTP)  among other casino games. Some Scratch card games have an average of 94% RTP while others have up to 96%. This indicates that players have a high potential of winning in this game. High RTP is one of the factors responsible for the high playing rate of the scratch cards game in India. 


Scratch card is no doubt one of the most popular games among Indian players going by numbers and engagement. Perhaps, the high chances to win real money is the reason for so many engagements from players. Scratch cards are available in both land-based and online casinos but playing online is increasingly becoming the dominant method among gamers. 

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