How 300 Indian Youths Were Trafficked & Tortured To Carry Out A Cyber Scam In Cambodia

Sixty Indian youths returned to Delhi after being trafficked to Cambodia, where they were tortured and forced into cyber scams. Up to 300 Indians rebelled in Sihanoukville, demanding an investigation and a safe return to India.

How 300 Indian Youths Were Trafficked & Tortured To Carry Out A Cyber Scam In Cambodia 1

Sixty Indian youths landed in Delhi a few days after Visakhapatnam police discovered a human trafficking network operating out of Cambodia.

Large-scale riots broke out in Jinbei Compound, Sihanoukville, Cambodia, on Monday as up to 300 Indians rebelled against their supervisors. This area is known as the center of cybercrime fraud factories. Many of them asked Indian officials to investigate their whereabouts and ensure their safe return to India.

Many individuals shared videos and called the Vizag City police WhatsApp lines after these arrests.

About fifteen adolescents who were returned to Vizag and the surrounding districts with assistance from the Indian Embassy were met by Ravi Shankar Ayyanar, the commissioner of police in Vizag.

Approximately 115 people from Andhra Pradesh were captured in Cambodia. He claimed that because the Indian youth were performing poorly, the handlers occasionally whacked them with a baseball bat and kept them in a dark area.

The Indian kids who were being trafficked in Cambodia were only given one meal a day by their handlers, and occasionally they were left without food for days due to their “underperformance” in cyber fraud.

“In our preliminary interactions with those who returned today, we understood that each of them paid around Rs 1.5 lakh to a local agent for a data entry job and went to Cambodia. Once in Cambodia, these young individuals found themselves compelled to participate in cyber scams in India, such as the FedEx scam and stock market frauds. They were also given targets. They would not receive food if they underperformed for several days in a row. They had to starve or eat only one meal a day. If their performance was commendable, they received a daily meal and occasionally even attended parties,” Commissioner of Vizag City Police Ravi Shankar Ayyanar stated on Friday. Underachievers may be subjected to beatings with a baseball bat and/or confined to dark rooms as forms of punishment.

They are trained to deal with specific cybercrimes against nationals of India, such as stock market scams, task game scams, FedEx scams, and other scams of that kind.

A few days ago, local agents Mannena Gnaneswara Rao, Sabbavarapu Kondala Rao, and Chukka Rajesh Vijay Kumar were apprehended by the police for recruiting young people in the area. The names of the young people who arrived in Cambodia were given by these agents.

Traffickers from Vizag and the surrounding area coerced over 115 young people into committing cybercrime for a year by applying pressure.

The first group of sixty Indian nationals that the Indian embassy in Cambodia saved from dishonest employers has finally gone home, the embassy told us on X.

“Always committed to helping Indians abroad. The first batch of 60 Indian nationals rescued by the Indian Embassy in Cambodia from fraudulent employers returned home. Thank the Cambodian authorities for their support,” said the Indian Embassy in Cambodia on X.

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