‘Holy Grail’ Of Cancer Detection Predicts Tumors A Year Before They Form: Breakthrough

Ashish Tripathi, founder and CEO of Tzar Labs, as well as chairman of Epigeneres Biotech, the Indian firm where the test was first developed in 2021, has published a study this month in the journal Stem Cells, saying that they have found a breakthrough ‘holy grail’ of cancer detection that predicts tumors a year before they form.

Following a radically successful trial on cancer patients, a new blood test that promises to predict tumors more than a year before they begin to form is now being applied in hospitals across the United Kingdom.

“This is the first pan-cancer blood test,” said Ashish Tripathi, founder and CEO of Tzar Labs as well as chairman of Epigeneres Biotech, the Indian firm where the test was first developed in 2021. An updated report on their findings was published this month in the journal Stem Cells.

“We can detect [cancer] earlier than other known technologies … before the tumor has physically formed,” Tripathi continued during a new interview with author and medical advocate Deepak Chopra.

“Not only can I actually detect it at this stage — I can actually tell you which cancer and where it is forming, straight from a blood test.”

In a trial of 1,000 participants — 500 non-cancer and 500 cancer patients — researchers were able to accurately anticipate the formation of tumors across at least 25 types of cancer, including all of the most prevalent and deadly varieties, such as breast, pancreatic, lung and colorectal. Even some participants within the presumed “non-cancer” group were found to have a predisposition for future cancer diagnosis.

“We did not get even one false negative, not even one false positive,” Tripathi noted.

Cancer stem cells and very small embryonic-like stem cells are ideal candidates in blood for cancer detection, study authors wrote in a new report published in the journal Stem Cells.

David Sinclair, a molecular biologist and longevity researcher, told Insider that he de-aged himself by a decade.

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