What Is The History of India And Indians?

What Is The History of India And Indians?
What Is The History of India And Indians?

What is the actual history of India and Indians? Are we really superstitious in our traditions?  Have our customs, habits, traditions stemmed from the ignorance of barbarians?  Are our ideals, values, thoughts, ideas retrograde? Is the faith and convictions of our ancestors in the upright moral and ethical culture noteworthy of any consideration?

After thousands of years of history of India at the dawn of the new millennium India stands, dazed and indecisive, at the cross-roads. As perhaps the only secular nation with a population of one billion, with thousands of political, spiritual and religious leaders of various denominations, with a vast talent of creative intelligentsia.

हिंदी में पढ़ें: हम भारतीय आज क्या और कहाँ हैं?

This is a pitiable and tragic situation indeed. Each path of these cross-roads would apparently take us to destruction, completely erasing the history of India, her classical thinking, philosophy, arts, moral ethics and its contributions to the world since the remote past, and perhaps even its people. Depressing though this may sound, it looks certain the stark possibility of the sovereign Republic of India meeting a sad end: fragmented into renegade states – based on extreme westernization, blind religious and fanatic beliefs, engaged in an internecine warfare leading to colossal loss of life and wastage of resources.

Such overall leadership vacuum, intellectual tepidity, spiritual bankruptcy started interestingly since the beginning of Indian independence – a mere 60 years ago. There are three distinct trends we can see directly resulting from the above situation in the present and future aiding to the destruction of India – cradle of human civilization and culture. The distinct trends that we see are as follows.

  1. Delirious arrogance of cultural pride and false sense of invincibility. Many who claim nationalists, cultural propagandists and old guard fall in to this category.
  2. Unashamed, treasonous self negating India bashing, hate and propagation of hate about everything of being India or Indian.
  3. Groups of scattered Indians who want to understand the reasons for the above two drastic extreme positions and work to save, salvage of anything valuable in ‘Indianness’.

The Indian Republic, its citizens and leaders (political, social, religious, spiritual) are confused between unfamiliarity and improbability. Unfamiliarity, a condition of ignorance and resulting prejudice of opinion resulting from censorship (withholding information or technology) can be overcome with the generation of information flow. Improbability is a condition of lack of pragmatic thinking stemming from the abject poverty in creative expectations stemming from the lack of structured analysis (starting with a premise, first statement and full reasoning). Without either of these we are leaning towards the most familiar course – banal explanations and incompatible analysis – leading everybody towards destructive annihilation as a country, history of India and civilization.

What is actual History of India?

India is the land of sages, mystics, yogis, philosophers, educators, scientists and professionals in various branches of knowledge. Her culture, which is the heritage and legacy of all these great people, is immortal and eternal. We the Indians in particular and Orientals in general, believe that we have rich traditions, enriched customs, and rational habits. Most of the Indians believe that we have a rich cultural heritage. But rest of the world believes that we are superstitious, gullible, impoverished, sadistic ignorant barbarians ready to be cultivated into civilized populations in third millennium.

India is the cradle of Human civilization and temple of all religions – a true religiously tolerant country in sprit before secularism was incorporated into the preamble of the constitution by the visionaries’ founding fathers of this country after independence from the oppressive rule of British East India Company. India not only is the place where major religions Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism evolved but also is the only savior and guardian angel for millions of human beings belonging to persecuted faiths like Judaism, Christianity, Zoroastrianism, and various persecuted branches of Islamic faith namely Ahamadiya, Bahai, and Agakhani to live and practice their religion and prosper in harmony and peace. Today for the want of modernism and in the necessity of globalizing India, her tolerance, her customs, her faiths her values and finally her integrity as sovereign nation are questioned by the vested interest groups East India Companies turned Multinational Corporations whose sole objective is economic dominance of the world, through ethical, moral, social, political, spiritual decadence and destroying social order and erasing national boundaries for sheer greed and aggrandizement of personal wealth.

Are we really superstitious in our traditions?  Have our customs, habits, traditions stemmed from the ignorance of barbarians?  Are our ideals, values, thoughts, ideas retrograde? Is the faith and convictions of our ancestors in the upright moral and ethical culture noteworthy of any consideration? Are the teachings of all great sages, gurus a personal perverted scheme for aggrandizement of wealth? Is the simple living preached and practiced by many of us economic impoverishment? Has the secular teaching of freedom of spirit and religion given to us stemmed out of ignorance?

Most of the explanations provided by many scholars, social scientists and behavioral scientists and nationalists created more questions than answers, more laughter than thought, more a feeling of suspicion and fictitiousness than reason and logic.

Today, however, many Indians living outside India, carrying the torch of our Indian cultural heritage are making serious efforts and progress towards constructively dealing with all the above issues. Many native Indian scholars are also working in this area. Throughout the western world unknown to many of us Indians, the same attitude is carried. The pioneering countries in such field are South Africa, many countries in South America, Germany, Australia, U.S.A and U.K. Hong Kong, Russia, Serbia and Japan.

In many cases, the research is either not concertedly pursued or disengaged midstream due to lack of encouragement, guidance, funding, direction, and partly also due to the discouragement from uninterested individuals. Most often, the researchers are pursuing similar tracks as what others are doing or something that has already been done. Often, however, when genuine research is concluded, the findings went unnoticed due to language barriers, and academic bias.   

Historically much of the plunder of India and her resources – economic, human and cultural – were never ever reported by unbiased historians or economists. Historians and economists who are supposed to be forerunners of truth are relentlessly either silent or grossly ignorant over many of the issues about history of India and her heritage.

Who are we?

We are a group of professional individuals who lived and grew in ‘Free India’ observing the social decadence, ethical downfall and moral bankruptcy that was and is spreading like a cancer in India along with the visionary leadership decline. We saw our country taken over by criminals, people of low moral values, and traitors and were surprised why such things are happening and trying to answer the same questions. In seeking the answers we were surprised to find that everything about India that we studied can be classified as best as close to a lie.

We are not afraid to accept the negative aspects of Indian society as every society have them which are evolved as part of social dynamics shaping the progress of civilization for thousands of years. How many thousands of years did infact the civilization started? We were told three thousand years and some change of years. But in USA and Canada the University of California at Berkeley’s historical page on India states that at least since 400,000 years human beings as we know were living in Indian continent and primitive tools were discovered dating back to 400,000 years era.

At the same time we are not afraid either to accept the glorious secular contributions of India to the world civilizations and cultures that shaped and reshaped the thoughts of the great thinkers east and west alike. Also we are not afraid now to declare (after considerable research) that the pompous display of wealth and richness that we see in any western nation was taken (often times forcibly) from Africa, Americas and continental Asia – China and India since 1500 till now.

Thus started the long journey of discovering ourselves as Indians, and our country India, her culture, heritage and traditions in true rational perspective which gave us the enlightenment of the cultural heritage India holds even today. It is an effort to share our work of years of dedicated research that prompted us to start GreatGameIndia.

We follow a full reasoning approach – an anomaly in India especially in the realm of social sciences. We start with a hypothesis, start with a premise, collect facts, and use full reasoning in arriving conclusions. Emotions, myths, lies, clichés, stereo-types and perpetuated racial slurs were never allowed to dust our objectivity. Even though the truth discovered at times painfully destroyed our own notions of ‘things, historical events, happenings and versions’ we are still undaunted in our task of proceeding further to discover the joy of new understanding based on classical Indian tradition of nâthi-nâthi – this is not true or this is not truth and do not want to rest until the whole truth is discovered. We wanted to implement the slogan on the constitutional logo of India – Satyemeva Jayate Truth alone Triumphs – in action. We need all help – moral and economical – and contributions from one and all as ‘there are many great souls and we salute to one and all.’

The people belonging to this group are very high professionals with sure careers who sacrificed all of their careers and living on help from others only to pursue in the belief that satya whole truth is alone worth discovering and defending. We have physicists, computer professionals, management experts and others who from their backgrounds developed a systematic research methodology and study process to understand and unearth the time hidden documented historical events and enhance everybody’s understanding. This understanding may one day help India to regain its role as beacon of knowledge and light to the world, and help rest of the world to regain its composure from wars, famines, and greed and shift to the path of true human development, progress and sustained evolution.

‘Let noble thoughts come from all directions’
– Rig Veda


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  1. Glad to see such new thought process among the young generations.. i have been purusing my own line of thoughts from my own first hand experience and analysis.. as stated in this article, i have been following the “neti-neti” process (without knowing it myself) to discover the truth..

    i am not a good at writing professional english or communicating effectively.. but i have expressed what i realised so far in my blog..

    pls go through my blog at orientviews.wordpress.com

  2. In today’s world where it is said that knowledge is freely available, but actually it is filtered available. Information which is of one’s benefit is only served rest is kept under the carpet.
    Great game India is a good initiative to make people understand that world is much bigger than they thought and lot of things happen which they will not realize are actually happening.
    Thanks for all your efforts and knowledge.

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