Glen Powell – American Actor

Glen Powell’s career took off after he landed his breakout role as John Glenn in the 2016 film “Hidden Figures”. Here’s everything you need to know about Glen Powell, the American actor.

Glen Powell - American Actor


Glen Powell is an American actor known for his charismatic performances in film and television. Born on October 21, 1988, in Austin, Texas, Powell developed a love for acting at a young age and pursued it relentlessly. After graduating from the University of Texas at Austin, he moved to Los Angeles to begin his career in the entertainment industry.

Powell’s breakthrough role came in 2016 when he played the role of astronaut John Glenn in the critically acclaimed film “Hidden Figures.” His portrayal of the legendary astronaut earned him praise from audiences and critics alike, solidifying his place as a rising star in Hollywood.

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Since then, Powell has appeared in several high-profile projects, including the hit Netflix romantic comedy “Set It Up” and the action-packed blockbuster “Top Gun: Maverick,” where he shares the screen with Tom Cruise. His performances have earned him a reputation for being a versatile actor who can effortlessly switch between drama and comedy.

Aside from his acting career, Powell is also known for his philanthropic work. He has been actively involved with several organizations, including St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and The Art of Elysium, a nonprofit organization that brings art to children in need.

In this article, we will take a closer look at Glen Powell’s life and career, exploring his early years, his rise to fame, and his future projects. We will delve into the details of his most memorable performances, his personal life, and his philanthropic endeavors.

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Name: Glen Powell
Real Name: Glen Thomas Powell Jr.
Gender: Male Profession: Actor, Writer, Producer
Date of Birth: October 21, 1988
Age: 34 years old
Birthplace: Austin, Texas, United States
Height: 183 cm
Weight: 75 kg
Nationality: American
Net Worth 2023: $8 million

Early Life

Glen Powell was born on October 21, 1988, in Austin, Texas, to a family of lawyers. However, from an early age, Powell showed an interest in the performing arts. He participated in school plays and talent shows, developing a passion for acting.

Powell attended Westwood High School in Austin and later went on to study at the University of Texas at Austin. During his time in college, he continued to hone his acting skills and appeared in several stage productions.

After graduating from college, Powell made the bold decision to pursue acting full-time and moved to Los Angeles. He began auditioning for roles, and although it was a challenging time, he was determined to succeed.

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In his early days in Los Angeles, Powell worked odd jobs to make ends meet, including waiting tables and working as a valet. However, his persistence paid off, and he soon landed his first role in the 2008 comedy film “The Great Debaters” directed by Denzel Washington.

Powell’s early experiences taught him the value of hard work and perseverance, which he credits for his success in the entertainment industry. Today, he is regarded as one of Hollywood’s most promising young actors, with a promising future ahead of him.


Glen Powell’s career took off after he landed his breakout role as John Glenn in the 2016 film “Hidden Figures.” His portrayal of the American astronaut earned critical acclaim and opened doors for him in Hollywood. Powell’s performance was praised for its authenticity and emotional depth, showcasing his range as an actor.

Following his success in “Hidden Figures,” Powell went on to appear in a variety of films and television shows. In 2017, he starred in the romantic comedy “Set It Up” alongside Zoey Deutch, which became a popular hit on Netflix. He also appeared in the acclaimed drama “Sand Castle,” which premiered on the streaming service the same year.

Powell’s success continued in 2019, when he appeared in the acclaimed miniseries “Catch-22,” based on the novel by Joseph Heller. He played the character of F. Scott Fitzgerald, receiving widespread praise for his performance. The same year, he appeared in the indie drama “The Guilty Party” and had a supporting role in the action thriller “Cold Pursuit.”

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In 2020, Powell landed a role in the highly anticipated sequel “Top Gun: Maverick,” playing the character of Hangman. The film was set to be released in 2021, but its release was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the delay, Powell’s performance in the trailer has generated excitement among fans, and his career shows no signs of slowing down.

Throughout his career, Powell has proven himself to be a versatile actor who can tackle a range of roles. He has also demonstrated a talent for comedy, which has endeared him to audiences. As he continues to take on new projects, it’s clear that Glen Powell is a rising star in Hollywood, with a promising future ahead of him.

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Additional Details

  • He was a competitive tennis player in high school and considered pursuing a career in tennis before deciding to become an actor.
  • Powell is also a talented writer and has written and directed several short films, including “The Gelato Wars” and “First Impressions.”
  • In addition to his acting and writing talents, Powell is also a skilled musician. He plays the piano and guitar and has even written original songs.
  • Powell is a big fan of classic movies and cites Humphrey Bogart and Cary Grant as his biggest inspirations.
  • He is a philanthropist and has been involved in several charitable organizations, including St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and The Art of Elysium.
  • Powell is good friends with fellow actors Channing Tatum and Miles Teller, and they often hang out together.
  • He has a great sense of humor and has been known to prank his co-stars on set. For example, he once filled Tom Cruise’s trailer with pictures of himself to surprise him.
  • Powell is a fitness enthusiast and often posts pictures and videos of his workouts on social media. He is also a fan of extreme sports and has gone skydiving and bungee jumping.
  • He has a close relationship with his family and often shares pictures of them on social media. His father was a member of the U.S. Army and served in Vietnam.
  • Powell is a dog lover and has two furry friends, a golden retriever named Sully and a poodle named Tucker, who often appear on his Instagram account.

Other Noteworthy Personalities

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