Biden’s $2.6 Billion Gender Equality Request Could Fund Abortions In Foreign Countries Including India

The narrative that the Biden administration is pushing is that they have “launched a whole-of-government effort to protect reproductive rights.” But what it potentially could be is a $2.6 billion “gender equality” request that might fund abortions in foreign countries including India.

Biden’s $2.6 Billion Gender Equality Request Could Fund Abortions In Foreign Countries Including India

According to President Joe Biden’s statement on Tuesday, the White House intends to request $2.6 billion to finance “gender equality” projects.

“I’m proud that my FY 2023 Budget will request $2.6 billion for foreign assistance programs that promote gender equality worldwide,” the president stated during his address on International Women’s Day. The request “more than doubl[es] the amount requested for gender programmes last year.” 

Based on his previous acts and his comments about “gender equality,” it is reasonable to suppose that part of the funds will be used for abortions and birth control in other nations.

According to his speech on Tuesday, the Biden administration has “launched a whole-of-government effort to protect reproductive rights.”

This involves immediately eliminating the Mexico City Policy, which barred foreign aid to groups that perform, encourage, or refer for abortions, in January 2021.

The $2.6 billion proposal is also bundled with the administration’s promise to promote “sexual and reproductive health and rights at home and abroad at the United Nations’ Generation Equality Forum,” according to a White House fact sheet.

Tens of millions of pounds of US and UK aid money has been spent forcibly sterilizing Indian women. Many have died being mistreated, causing outrage from those who suspect Britain simply wants to curb the country’s population for ulterior motives.

Below are just few of the incidents we mention here that are the direct result of the implementation of Agenda 21 in India by Vajpayee. We encourage our readers to probe the matter further.

UK aid helps to fund forced sterilisation of India’s poor

Money from the Department for International Development has helped pay for a controversial programme that has led to miscarriages and even deaths after botched operations

What Britain’s Foreign Aid Buys

Assisting coercive population control in India offends British values even as it harms the people it is supposed to help.

The Indian women pushed into hysterectomies

Thousands of Indian women are having their wombs removed in operations that campaigners say are unnecessary and only performed to make money for unscrupulous private doctors.

U.S.-U.K. Foreign Aid Tied to India’s Forced Sterilization Campaign

US UK tax dollars support 2-minute procedures done by flashlight.

There is a craze among a section of Indians to blindly imitate and import the toxic Gender Identity Politics destroying western societies. Indians need not to follow and copy toxic western culture mindlessly. We can achieve prosperity and modernity on our own terms while retaining Indian culture and values.

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