‘Game-Changing’ Antibiotic Could Save Millions – Study

In 2019, upwards of 1.2 million individuals perished from drug-resistant illnesses. But all of that could change with the advent of the ‘game-changing’ antibiotic that could potentially save millions, according to a new study.

‘Game-Changing’ Antibiotic Could Save Millions – Study 1

In a recent study published on Tuesday, UK scientists lauded a “game-changing” antibiotic that could rescue millions of people globally from drug-resistant superbugs.

The discovery was made by a group of scientists collaborating with the University of Lincoln to generate novel versions of the chemical teixobactin that efficiently killed germs without harming the tissue of the mammals that it was tested upon.

The researchers used a mouse experiment to effectively eradicate a superbug identified as MRSA, which had previously remained impervious to antibiotics.

“Our ultimate goal is to have a number of viable drugs from our modular synthetic teixobactin platform which can be used as a ‘last line of defence’ against superbugs to save lives currently lost due to AMR,” Dr Ishwar Singh, who led the research, said.

Teixobactin was earlier heralded as a “game-changing” antibiotic after a 2015 study, but the current research was able to generate “synthetic” classes of the medicine, enabling for simpler global dissemination, according to the researchers.

Antibiotic resistance is causing “one of the most dangerous global crises facing the modern world today,” according to Public Health England, which fears that antibiotics will someday be unable to cure major infections.

In 2019, upwards of 1.2 million individuals perished from drug-resistant illnesses, according to the Global Research on Antimicrobial Resistance survey issued in The Lancet in January. In the research of 204 nations and regions, an additional 4.95 million fatalities were linked to antibiotic resistance.

According to a review on antimicrobial resistance (AMR) commissioned by the UK government, an additional 10 million people will die annually from drug-resistant diseases by 2050.

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  1. That’s wonderful, the NEW penis-ill-in, just in time to replace THE VAX. Gimme, gimme, please, gimme.
    Some say the third leading cause of death in America is hospital acquired infections caused by… wait for it… the Medical profess-ors and their antibiotics.

  2. PROMISING … bc it’s all natural, so nature has this substance in our soils like forever, and it hasn’t caused problems there. Now if dealing w say Hospital Staff Infections and Teixobactin knocks it out completely w no ‘side effects’ well lets put it to the test IMMEDIATELY. …. btw NPR did a story on this Jan 07 / 2015 called ‘Antibiotic Pay Dirt Growing Finicky Bacteria In The Lab’ ….. which being interpreted in Pharma / FDA lingo means “Oh know – they discovered a safe, dirt cheap, effective, forever potent natural anti-biotic … let’s do Everything we can to suppress it” !? …. …. shalom, al jenkins

  3. I lost my dad and his wife to super bugs. This sounds promising but will the hospitals and nursing homes use it. They would not give my dad and his wife the drug that would of saved possibly both of them. Because it is to expensive they would not give them it. I hope this is an answer to the super bug dilemma and more importantly the hospitals and rest homes use it.

  4. You lost your dad & his wife (means not your mother ?) to the medical industrial complex, that is dominatet by criminal lunatics, who are abusing medicine & doctors for their profits & power.

    Check Grand Jury III @ 2:48, there is a list comparing efficiency & cost of drugs.

    enjoy the robins and all the good things of life & stay healthy !

  5. Indeed, the argument between Bechamp and Pasteur continues in private only. In public, in the commercial industry of medicine, antibiotics rule. Not because they actually work, indeed, antibiotic resistance is THE next, known, crisis in the global human population. Way, way bigger than Covid. Starvation will precipitate and enhance that crisis within months from now. Starvation has already started. The profitable antibiotics, mimicking a natural process, are to kill microbes which are actually doing their job cleaning up dead flesh; Flesh that died through starvation of nutrients and / or contamination from unclean environment, foods and habits. Pasteur only won the argument with Bechamp because, like vaccines, antibiotics are VERY profitable for corporations, ‘dead bodies’ themselves, to sell and administer. Keeping clean and healthy is not particularly profitable for corps(es). Expectation, among those in the know, is that the next type of Covid Crisis manufactured will be ‘hemorrhagic fever viruses’. A true crisis or not this will precipitate the sale of vaccines. The vaccines, as with Covid, will produce their own results of decaying flesh which will precipitate sale of antibiotics. Whether the vaccine heals or kills, or not, is not what is relevant. Whether the newest ‘anti-biotic’, anti-life, works or not is not relevant. “Beware of Stobor”. Beware the Medical, Industrial Complex of Corporations. Who is the God/Goddess of Medicine. What are ‘it’s’ characteristics. Hiding in plain sight.

  6. Teixobactin: A New Antibiotic, and A New Way to Find More (Now found useful in battling Covid19)
    https://www.compoundchem.com/2015/01/08/teixobactin/ OR you can put your full trust in the Lord God who promised in Psalm 91 to keep us from ALL plagues and pestilence. I, for one, put ALL of my trust in the Lord for I know that He will never forsake me nor leave me and is always with me as He promised. Praise be the Lord and forever bless His holy and mighty name!!

  7. For those who have faith – in Psalm 91 the Lord God tells us that He will keep us from all plagues and pestilence IF we have faith. Those who put their trust in man are cursed according to Jeremiah 17:5. We are to put all of our hope and trust in the Lord alone. The Lord is where I keep my faith, hope and trust and never in MAN.

  8. Follow Whiplash347 on Telegram and you will find that the Act of 1871, the Admiralty Law, the Lima Agreement and all others like them have been revoked!! ALL nations will/have become ‘republics’, including China. The USA will go back to the 1776 Constitution – all judges and lawyers will be schooled in constitutional law. Police will again ‘protect and serve’ and no longer be ‘militarized’. Lord willing – these things will soon come. There is a coming 10 days of internet darkness as we go from the internet we have today – the satellites of the Chaldeans are being destroyed – we go to Quantum Computing via Starlink which has been implemented and can easily be seen in the skies at night. ALL nations will have equal exchanges in currency – a level playing field so to speak. ALL of what we have known in our lives is about to do a 180. During that 10 days of darkness of the internet – military worldwide will be making massive amounts of arrests including those teachers who want to turn our children into freaks and confuse them about genders. It has always been Adam and Eve and never Adam and Steve.

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