Frontline Doctor Says Fetal Deaths Up Nearly 2,000 Percent Since COVID Jab Rollout

One fetal fatality has occurred for each and every 147,651 injections. To say this is alarming would be an understatement as even frontline doctor says fetal deaths are up nearly 2,000 percent since COVID jab rollout.

One of America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) is advising pregnant women that the introduction of the COVID vaccine has corresponded with a roughly 2,000 percent rise in fetal fatalities when contrasted to prior vaccinations.

Dr. Peterson Pierre provided figures indicating that the frequency of fetal mortality per vaccine delivered in the United States has risen dramatically after the COVID vaccinations were made accessible in a “Frontline Flash” piece published Monday titled “Huge Preborn Death Spike.”

According to the CDC, there have already been 550,000,000 COVID vaccinations given and 3,725 fetal fatalities since the COVID shot distribution began. This implies that one fetal fatality has occurred for each and every 147,651 injections, he explained.

He compared this with figures from the years 2006 to 2019. According to reports, “4 billion shots were administered” during this time, with “1,369 fetal deaths, which equals to” one fetal mortality for every 3 million jabs.

“So if you do the math, you realize that since the COVID shots have been available, there’s been a 1,925 percent increase in fetal deaths,” he continued.

For the welfare of their children, Pierre advised expectant moms to pay attention to these figures.

“Now, expecting moms, it doesn’t matter what the FDA or the CDC says. It doesn’t even matter what your doctor says,” he went on. “Because in spite of this data, the recommendation to get [COVID] shots has not changed.”

“You need to look out for your own kids. You are their protector. You have a lot to think about. That decision rests with you, not with anyone else.”

According to Pfizer and the FDA’s compelled response to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) plea (32 is the amount of pregnancies with known results as per reports given to Pfizer), 23 of 32 pregnancies during which mothers obtained a Pfizer COVID shot ultimately results in “spontaneous abortions” (miscarriages).

The CDC has admitted that “results from ongoing long-term studies are not yet available” when it comes to the influence of the COVID shots on “fertility problems.”

Vaccine specialist Pamela Acker and former Pfizer vice president Dr. Michael Yeadon told the media that women of childbearing age, particularly pregnant and breastfeeding women, should completely refuse the COVID-19 gene therapy vaccinations.

“You never ever give inadequately tested medicines, medicinal products, to a pregnant woman,” he stated.

CDC guidelines presently advise that “people aged 18-49 years with certain medical conditions, including pregnancy… may receive” an RNA COVID-19 shot, including a third booster dose, “based on their individual benefits and risks,” amidst all this proof of the mRNA shot’s hazard to the unborn.

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