EU Pivots Away From Bidenism

Working out a deal with Xi is in their long-term best interests for the EU, so they are slowly pivoting away from Bidenism.

Big moves are being made to embrace Xi’s totalitarian leadership and throw Bidenism into the dustbin of world history. France, as I mentioned a few days ago, has pivoted off the U.S. dollarmade LNG deals with China, and now their WEF leader Macron is heading to China to kiss Xi’s scepter of NWO supremacy along with EU President Ursula Von Der Leyen, according to Reuters.

From Reuters reporting, this little chestnut:

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, who will be accompanying Macron in Beijing, said the bloc was looking to “de-risk” diplomatically and economically at a time China was exerting greater control over companies, without “decoupling.”

Rabobank analyst (a WEF partner) Bas van Geffen, offered paralleling analysis:

That does not sound like the rejuvenation of close trade ties. De-globalization comes in many facets, but for the EU it may not so much stem from increased autonomy in the short-term (which, at least, would also have benefits for the domestic economy), but rather a more generic reduction of trade, as the US tightens the reins on China. That’s a losing business model for Europe.

The European Union is about to abandon their alliance (or allegiance) with United States. Working out a deal with Xi is in their long-term best interests – but it has to be done, stealthily. Energy policy has taken the lead on that front as re-routing Russian LNG through China & India to export into Europe was noticeable in the data immediately after this war started in February 2022.

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During his second democracy summit, Biden promised to gift democracy to foreign countries with the help of a $700 million secret surveillance state.

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