Elon Musk vs. ADL

Elon Musk vs. the ADL has reached new heights, as Musk recently mentioned Ron Coleman’s op-ed on how the ADL has lost its way.

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This morning, the conflict between Musk and the ADL (and the censorship industrial complex) reached a new low when the owner of X and Twitter highlighted a recent Newsweek piece that claimed that “ADL Has Lost Its Way”:

Ron Coleman says in the op-ed, “The ADL taught me that nastygrams from Jew haters were just the price we pay for liberty, worthy of being filed and forgotten.”

“This is not Weimar Germany; it is America. We have a First Amendment, we have civil rights, we have a working democracy.

That is part of the good we have done.

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“But” Coleman points out, “the ADL no longer believes this…”

“It has become part of a great online censorship machine that is being exposed day after day as an anti-free speech enterprise.”

The video below makes just that suggestion.

Finally, Coleman says:

“The ADL’s efforts to censor Twitter confirms what we have known for years: Not only is today’s ADL not doing the world some good. It is doing something much worse. How much longer will we be allowed to say so?”

Then, this morning, Greenblatt appeared on CNBC to address Musk’s threats.

He was not met with much resistance from the anchors as he delivered his opening talking points:

  • rising anti-semitism everywhere,
  • Musk allowing “hardened anti-semites” back on the platform,
  • Greenblatt seemed to walk back his views on free-speech (“hate speech is the price of free speech”),
  • and said that he didn’t think Musk was anti-semitic or Twitter as a platform was anti-semitic,
  • but ended by framing the victim narrative: “let’s be clear here, this is the wealthiest man in the world running one of the most powerful media platforms on the planet… and we’re a non-profit, here in New York, so I think figuring out who has the power in this relationship… is pretty clear to me.”
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But then, when Andrew Ross Sorkin unleashed a bombshell and questioned the ADL CEO, things worsened.

“Were you seeking to have some kind of either role at Twitter or any kind of donations made or other things?”

Greenblatt screamed, “No!”

“I only say that because there have been folks who’ve looked at these situations and felt they were being shaken down,” Sorkin said.

Greenblatt responded by instantly playing a “card”:

“Look, I think, let me be honest about that. I think it is [a] sort of anti-Semitic trope to suggest when Jewish people express a degree of outrage over antisemitism, that somehow that’s a shakedown because Jews are greedy. That sounds to me… I’m not saying you believe that…”

Sorkin swiftly interrupted to defend himself…

“I’m Jewish, so I’m not even trying to…” Sorkin said. 

“I’m just saying that that occasionally you hear the critique among not-for-profits in certain cases that are involved in certain causes that talk to companies and you hear it from leaders who say, ‘I feel like…'”

Then Greenblatt spewed the largest pile of bullshit yet:

“I hear that, but my view on all of this, we talked about this before on the show… I don’t believe in cancel culture, I believe in counsel culture… What we’ve tried to do over the years with Twitter, with YouTube, with Facebook and all of its platforms, with Reddit, with Discord, I can go on and on, is to work with them, to make those platforms better,” Greenblatt said.

“Better” by who’s definition? “Better” by having voices silenced that do not fit the establishment narrative (and that have nothing at all to do with anti-semitism)?

“I’m trying to understand what led to this – whatever is happening here. That was why I asked that question,” Sorkin asked.

“Well, I think Elon’s a complicated person, I can’t explain what prompted those tweets,” Greenblatt said, adding that “Jewish people are vulnerable” and that Twitter should not be “amplifying or intensifying anti-Jewish hate.”

View the complete interview below:

The ADL CEO’s propaganda was quickly called out by Michael Shellenberger.

Here are some of Greenblatt’s lies that @MarioNawful disproves:

1) He claimed that Elon brought and amplified anti-semitism and hate speech back to the platform.

This is NOT TRUE. The 𝕏 Safety team shared that an independent assessment by Sprinklr found that hate speech impressions on 𝕏 “to be 0.003% compared to Twitter’s estimate of 0.012%.”

2) Greenblatt claimed ADL is NOT publicly or privately talking to advertisers.

BUT shortly after, said, “It is true we did call for a pause back in November, after the acquisition and since then” and in a previous interview he stated “if it remains a hellscape the advertisers won’t take part in [Twitter]”

3) Greenblatt said the ADL is a SMALL non-profit in NY.

NOT TRUE. The ADL is an influential organization with over 100 years of history, and according to the ADL’s 2021 tax filings, the organization’s total revenue was $101 million with a balance sheet of $238 million.

They ALSO received millions of dollars of indirect government funding via grants to groups in which the ADL has special interests.

4) Greenblatt says the ADL works WITH other social media platforms, including Facebook.

We saw in the Politico article that Elon Musk posted that the ADL indirectly CONTROLS what can be posted on Facebook.  

The meeting with X CEO Linda Yaccarino doesn’t seem to have gone as well as Greenblatt is portraying.

As previously reported by Chris Menahan of InformationLiberation.com, Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt accused Twitter/X owner Elon Musk on Tuesday of “engaging with a highly toxic antisemitic campaign” that will incite violence against Jews in response to Musk’s criticism of their aggressive pro-censorship ad boycott campaigns.

Elon Musk vs. ADL 4

Elon Musk announced that X, previously known as Twitter, plans to take legal action against organizations funded by financier George Soros. These organizations are accused of advocating for restrictions on free speech.

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  1. Everything that is happening in the world is Fascist – Nazi at the Core…..Out of Switzerland, by the Aristocracy.

    Musk has companies subsidized by Octogon….and Tax Dollars….they have weaponized products.

    So that that shows the world who Elon Musk is….he is Swiss Bloodline.

    This issue is pure Jew Baiting.
    Where are all the other groups, that should speak out about this…..
    Blacks, Spanish, Indian…Hindu
    The Church
    They must be all part of the problem.

    After all Nazis are Nazis and can only be Nazis….the lowest creed on the planet.
    They must follow a leader, because they have no mind and or soul.
    Goose Steppers are dancing their mindset…..why the world is crumbling.

  2. The ADL has succumbed to donor capture and can’t claim to follow its original purpose– combating OVERT antisemitic actions. I can’t imagine that Moishe would endorse some of the ADL’s current bedfellows.

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