Earth Is Suddenly Spinning Faster Than Usual, And It Can Spell Doom For Us

New research has found that Earth is suddenly spinning faster than usual, which will cause us to experience shorter days in the years to come and it can spell doom for us.

Earth Is Suddenly Spinning Faster Than Usual, And It Can Spell Doom For Us 1

It is common knowledge that the Earth rotates on its axis in about 24 hours. But major seismic shifts are occurring to this established fact. On July 29, Earth completed a full spin in around 1.59 milliseconds less time than usual, according to scientists ( 23 hours and 56 minutes). It should be noted that the blue planet has spun faster before. However, atomic clocks have lately shown that the Earth’s rotation is accelerating rapidly.

The shortest day of the year was July 19 in 2020, which also happened to be the shortest month on record for Earth. It was 1.47 milliseconds less than a day.

The Earth continued to rotate at a substantially faster rate the next year, but no records were broken.

Earth’s fastest rotation ever occurred on June 29, 2022, and a day that lasted 1.50 milliseconds shorter on July 26 of that same year happened.

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According to estimates, the planet may continue to experience shorter days in the years to come. According to the news source Interesting Engineering (IE), Earth may be entering a 50-year phase of shorter days right now.

Why is Earth rotating fast?

There are now no clear explanations for why Earth has started spinning so quickly. However, numerous well-respected theories are currently in circulation.

  • Some assert that the melting of glaciers is to blame for the reduction in weight of poles.
  • Others see that throughout time, the molten core of our planet’s interior moves.
  • Although some think that earthquake activity might be the cause
  • Others say that the “Chandler wobble,” a little tilt of the Earth’s geographic poles over its surface, is to blame.

What are the consequences?

According to research, the atomic clocks used in GPS satellites may be significantly impacted by Earth’s accelerating rotation. It won’t account for how the Earth’s rotation changes over time.

Due to the need to account for the effects of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, GPS satellites will soon be rendered ineffective.

In addition, since smartphones, computers, and other communications systems are synchronized with Network Time Protocol (NTP) servers, they will become useless.

As the clock moves from 23:59:59 to 23:59:60 before restarting at 00:00:00, a time jump like this can cause programs to crash and data to become corrupt.

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  1. Perhaps the days seem shorter because of geoengineering; to keep the atmoshere ionized for the space fence, which is military weaponry.

  2. Here’s the article this info is from – BUT, it said nothing re. what the last 3 paragraphs here said. So, why would GGI add info, and especially info that they can’t confirm???

    And, the original article did NOT say that “the Earth’s rotation is accelerating rapidly”!!! In fact, the article stated that effects of the Moon is tending to slow Earth’s rotation. The article gave no evidence that the Earth is either now experiencing a “50-year phase of shorter days” NOR that the Earth has EVER experienced such a phase.

    Wow, both in his article & the original, but also between them, so much contradictory info – and none of it really backed up with evidence. “Scientists note that 2020 had the 28 shortest days since 1960. The shortest day in 2021 was longer than it was in 2020, reversing the trend from the previous year. But on June 29, 2022, our planet made its fastest-ever rotation, and on July 26, 2022, there was a day that lasted 1.50 milliseconds less, apparently.” “Apparently” – Is that a new scientific term? Ya know, accuracy & precision of measurements have continued to increase over time – so, how does the accuracy & precision of the measurement of time in 1960 compare with today??? And, could THAT be a factor…??? Also, WHERE on Earth are these measurements being made??? The rotation is slightly faster at the Equator than at the poles. Has THAT location changed over time??? Could THAT be a factor…???

    Sorry, not cutting it, folks. As a Geoscientist, I call BS on this.

  3. I concur with your conclusion, this narrative is BS.
    I enjoyed your approach in reaching it; It made me laugh.
    I felt like I was eating a piece of cake, made from an abundance of rich ingredients, too fattening, but very tasty.

    I would say that these people used a SWISS Watch, to measure the speed and that the purpose was to create a nonexisting occurence, with the idea of wasting intellect as to seeing reality, or chasing an illusion.
    Inorder to pull off agenda 21, they must add a lot of BS into the mix, with the aim of confusing the people who can think and not jump to fear as a result.
    Emphasis on Swiss Watch.

  4. Very good….funny.

    You know that if you read the article 7 more times, then you actually get ahead of the time that the article was written.

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