Dr. Robert Malone Testifies At Texas Senate Committee: ‘Regulatory Practices Had Been Discarded’

At the recent Texas Senate Committee hearing on COVID vaccines, Dr. Robert Malone testified, saying regulatory practices had been discarded.

Dr. Robert Malone Testifies At Texas Senate Committee: ‘Regulatory Practices Had Been Discarded’ 1

Robert Malone, a leading figure in mRNA technology and a vaccineologist, testified before the Texas Senate committee on Health & Human Services on June 28, stressing a few administrative decisions he believes were made during the pandemic that should be taken into account going forward.

Clinical research, medical affairs, regulatory affairs, project management, proposal management, vaccines, and biodefense are additional areas of expertise for Malone.

He said that the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention), a federal organization, would have provided guidance to state public health authorities in order to supervise medical practices prior to the Chinese Communist Party virus outbreak.

“Up until the present, that’s always been acknowledged. The role of the federal government is in consultation and support and advice. This approach has not been implemented during the COVID crisis … during SARS-Cov2 COVID-19 outbreak, new policies and practices have been implemented,” Malone testified in the hearing.

Malone has contributed to the development of vaccines for smallpox, influenza, Ebola, Zika, and now SARS-Cov2. He has also worked on earlier outbreak response efforts for AIDS, anthrax, and smallpox.

Regulatory Practices ‘Discarded’

“The NIH and particularly NIAID have developed and propagated treatment protocols throughout the United States.

“Development of vaccine products have been accelerated and historic non-clinical, clinical development, and regulatory practices had been discarded in a quest for speed under specific pressure from the executive branch in the prior administration. Development of repurposed drugs and treatment strategies have paradoxically been aggressively blocked or inhibited by both NIH and FDA, apparently due to requirements in the federal emergency use authorization statute language, requiring lack of available alternatives as a predicate, to granting emergency use authorization to a new product, including a vaccine product,” Malone said.

Public health officials, according to the mRNA pioneer, were unable to get recent data regarding the safety of the vaccines because of poor management.

“This has compromised the informed consent process. CDC has actively promoted and marketed vaccination with an unlicensed emergency use authorized product. With over $1 billion in U.S. federal funding expended to both market the products and to censor those who’ve raised concerns regarding vaccine safety and effectiveness. This is not an opinion. It is well documented through Freedom of Information Act document disclosure.” Malone said.

The “experimental” COVID vaccines should not be given to expectant mothers, according to Malone, who stated this on June 26.

“These new VAERS data and analyses demonstrate that both reproductive-aged mothers and their infants have been damaged by accepting unlicensed, inadequately tested, emergency use authorized genetic vaccines,” Malone said.

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